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Could It Get Worse Than 2008?

Looking around the economic and financial world today, I see countless negative developments and virtually no positive developments to speak of. Just off the cuff, I note that: China is entering a hard landing if not an outright economic collapse. Europe is facing a recession, banking collapse, sovereign crisis, and

Where Should Gold Be Based On Inflation?

Since the Financial Crisis erupted in 2007, the US Federal Reserve has engaged in dozens of interventions/ bailouts to try and prop up the financial system. Now, I realize that everyone knows the Fed is “printing money.” However, when you look at the list of bailouts/ money pumps it’s absolutely

Spain is 100% Totally Beyond Saving

My prediction regarding the breakup of the EU was obviously way early. However, the fact remains that the EU will break up in time. And it will likely be Spain that brings this about. The reasons? Among other things: Spain’s private Debt to GDP is above 300%. A huge portion

The Truth About Europe… Which the Media Won’t Report

I realize that the situation in Europe can be very confusing. Aside from the fact that we’re dealing with over 20 different countries all with their own respective economies and debt issues, we also have the European Central Bank and the numerous bailouts and bailout funds (the LTRO 1 and

This Could Be the World’s Largest, Most Toxic Banking System…

As noted earlier in yesterday’s article, the entire European banking and corporate system is over-burdened with debt. Germany sports a real Debt to GDP of over 200% (this from the former head of the Bundesbank), and the rest of Europe is in even worse shape. Indeed, Jagadeesh Gokhale of the

Three Things Investors Don’t Know About Europe

Europe is heading into a full-scale disaster. You see, the debt problems in Europe are not simply related to Greece. They are SYSTEMIC. The below chart shows the official Debt to GDP ratios for the major players in Europe. As you can see, even the more “solvent” countries like Germany

How To Buy Bullion (What to Ask and What to Own)

Quite a few articles have been written about the importance of owning Gold and other precious metals as a means of maintaining one’s wealth in the face of rampant money printing by the world’s Central Banks. Today I’m going to share some ideas on how to actually buy bullion. As

The Recipe For Hyperinflation

For the last year, I’ve steered clear of commenting on the US Presidential election for the simple reason that I wanted us to be closer to the actual date before I went through the process of explaining what’s to come. The reason for this is that elections by their very

Spain’s Back In Crisis Mode… And Will Take The EU Down With It

As I noted previous articles, Spain has essentially three options: 1)   Spain goes the “Greek route” of agreeing to austerity measures in exchange for bailouts (which will implode the economy). 2)   Prime Minister Rajoy refuses to impose austerity measures and is removed/ replaced by an EU technocrat who is pro-austerity

Two Facts You Need to Know Before November 6th

While the media world is abuzz with last night’s Presidential debate, I’d like to cut through the noise and present you with two truly staggering facts that need to be kept in mind as the backdrop for the US Presidential Election Fact #1: EU leaders have stated point blank that

Waiting On November 6th

We’re introducing a new component to Gains Pains & Capital: politics. While I’ve stayed out of commenting on the US Presidential elections and politics in general for the most part, at this point so much is riding on public policy globally that we cannot analyze the markets or economy without

Did Bernanke Bluff About QE3?

The markets roared from June to September, ever Fed mouthpiece Jon Hilsenrath of the WSJ penned an article calling for more QE in June. Fast-forward to mid-September and the Fed did indeed announce QE3, a plan that will see the Fed monetize $40 billion worth of Mortgage Backed Securities in

Is China an economic miracle, or one massive Government-­Sponsored fraud?

Is China an economic miracle, or one massive Government-­sponsored fraud? History has shown us countless times that centrally-­‐planned, command style economies do not produce long-­term economic growth. We’ve seen this will the Soviet Union, the UK, the US-­since the Tech Crash, and today in China. I realize that many would

Spain: How One Country Could Take Down the Entire EU Banking System

Spain was already experiencing a banking crisis as well as a sovereign crisis. It’s now on the verge of a constitutional crisis (as well as its ongoing sovereign and banking crises). Secession crisis heaps pain on Spain Spain lurched further towards a full-­‐blown constitutional crisis as Catalonia announced a snap

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