Warning: Market Crashes Hit When the Most Investors LEAST EXPECT IT

The Bank of Japan is trying to crash the markets? This is not conspiracy theory. In the last month the BoJ has devalued the Yen 14% against the $USD. By any other measure this is a crash as far


Is the Yellen Fed TRYING to Crash Stocks To Hurt Trump?

Is Janet Yellen trying to crash stocks to screw Trump? Ever since the $USD began its bull market run in mid-2014, the Fed, lead by Janet Yellen, has intervened whenever the $USD cleared 98. The


Is Japan About to Implode the $10T $USD Carry Trade?

It is said that history has a sense of irony. The latest US election is not an exception. Consider the following… Donald Trump campaigned aggressively on trade… particularly his opposing of the

Cash BanWar on Cash

Could a “Greek-Style” Carry Tax on Cash Come to the US?

As we keep warning, India is not the “last stop” in the global financial elites’ war on cash. Indeed, as ZeroHedge noted earlier today, officials are proposing a tax on cash withdrawals in


The War on Cash is Not Over… It’s About to Intensify

The Trump Presidency has distracted from the next major move to be implemented by Financial Elite. That move is a cash ban. Cash, particularly physical cash (as in bills and coins) is a huge