Central Banks Desperately Try to “Save” Stocks

The Central Banks are getting desperate. The interventions are so obvious now you’d have to be on drugs not so notice them. On Monday afternoon, at 3PM “someone” stepped in to prop up stocks. They did it again yesterday at 10AM. These were obvious interventions. How do we know this

Are We Heading For Another 2008?

For six years, the world has operated under a complete delusion that Central Banks somehow fixed the 2008 Crisis. All of the arguments claiming this defied common sense. A 5th grader would tell you that you cannot solve a debt problem by issuing more debt. Similarly, anyone with a functioning


The Truth About Gold That Bubblevision “Experts” Conveniently Ignore

Almost every other day I read an article telling me that owning Gold is dumb or that Gold is doomed as an investment. These articles would be useful or insightful if they weren’t based on “analysis” that is either misleading or downright wrong. To whit… Gold has absolutely CRUSHED stocks


The Great Crisis Has Begun (Oil is Just the Beginning)

It would be a lot easier to be bullish today if the entire financial system wasn’t based on fraud and BS. Every explanation we see regarding the bull market in stocks is really just a cover for the fact that Central Banks spent $14 trillion propping up the bond bubble.


The End Game for Central Banks Has Officially Begun

For over six years, the markets have been moving based on Central Banker actions and words. The first phase (2009 to 2013) was dominated by action (ZIRP and QE). The second phase (2013 to the present) was increasingly reliant on words (verbal intervention) as most Central Banks had by then


The Next Fed Chair All But Promised NIRP is Coming to the US

The Fed Vice-Chair has begun laying the groundwork for NIRP. The US Federal Reserve is obsessed with market reactions to its policies. Because of this, anytime the Fed plans to announce a major change in policy, it preps the markets via numerous leaks and hints… oftentimes for months in advance.


Why Stocks Will Be Going Below Their 2009 Lows

Something absolutely astounding has happened. Two weeks ago, the head of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda stated that Japan has a “potential growth rate of 0.5% or lower.” By way of context, remember that the Bank of Japan has been at the forefront for ALL monetary policy for decades.

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Japan Just Lit the Fuse on a $9 Trillion Debt Implosion

Last night the Bank of Japan implemented Negative Interest Rate Policy, or NIRP. It is the second Central Bank to do so. The European Central Bank or ECB first went to NIRP in June 2014. Thus, between Japan and Europe, over 20% of the world’s GDP is being managed by


Market Technicals Update: Can We Trust This Stock Rally?

The stock rally of the last few days has investors wondering if the bottom is in. Unfortunately, it very likely is not. High Yield bonds have lead stocks to the upside. They are now leading to the downside, and the High Yield bond market indicates we have further to fall.

Did Japan Just Prove that Central Banks Are Out of Ammo?

The world has yet to fully digest what is currently happening in Japan. Japan is the global leader for Keynesian Central Banking insanity. The ECB and US Federal Reserve began implementing ZIRP and QE after 2008. The Bank of Japan has been employing both ZIRP and QE since 2001. Put

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The Largest Financial Bubble in History Just Burst

As we outlined last week, the bursting of the bond bubble has begun. CNBC and the financial media may spend 99% of their time talking about stocks, but bonds are the single most important issue for Central Banks. When you consider everything in the context of the bond bubble, every


Market Update: Is the Bottom In?

Stocks are rallying this morning. They are not rallying because of a change in fundamentals. They are not rallying because of a significant debt restructuring. They are not rallying because of great quarterly results from key economic bell-weathers. They are rallying because of hope for more Central Bank stimulus. This


The Next Crisis Has Begun

Last year we predicted that the world had reached peak centralization and that going forward things would begin to fracture. What is centralization? Centralization is the process by which the world grows increasingly centralized, relying on Centralized organizations (Central Banks, sovereign governments, etc.) to determine the direction of capital and

A Central Banking Insider Just Admitted QE CANNOT Generate Growth…

Last week a Central Banker made the most incredible admission in the history of banking. It came from the Bank of Japan. The Bank of Japan has been the leader in global Keynesian insanity. The US Federal Reserve launched its first QE program in 2008. The European Central Bank launched


The Bursting of the Bond Bubble Has Begun Pt 2

As we wrote earlier this week, bursting of the bond bubble has begun. The decision by Central Banks to “inflate” the system’s debts away post-2008 has resulted in the misallocation of trillions of Dollars of capital. The worst offenders were Chinese corporates. China has created the single largest mountain of

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