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Here Are 200 TRILLION Reasons Why Rising Yields Pose a Systemic Risk

It’s a good thing that the BLS ignores things like the recent rise in real estate and gas prices when it generates its official inflation numbers… Why? Because if the BLS didn’t do this we might actually see that inflation is exploding higher. This is not conspiracy theory, it is fact. And if you don’t

Did Junk Bonds Just Signal the End to This Credit Cycle?

Stocks are now in very serious trouble. The S&P 500 has fallen to test its “election rally” trendline. If the market breaks down here, there’s essentially one giant “air pocket” down to 2,200 or so. The bad news is that high yield credit (HYG), which leads the S&P 500, has already broken its respective trendline.

Central Bankers Just Lit the Fuse on a $217 TRILLION Debt Bomb

As we noted yesterday, the world’s Central Banks have begun sending signals that the price of money in the financial system (bond yields) is going to be rising. Why is this a big deal? Because globally the world has packed on $68 TRILLION in debt since 2007. And ALL of this was issued based on

Bombshell: The US Spent $20 MILLION Per Job Created From ’08 Onward

Since 2008 the financial media has been proclaiming that the US was in a “recovery.” This argument was used to justify the insane monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, which maintained ZIRP for seven years and spent over $3 trillion in QE. Well, it turns out there was no recovery to speak of when it

The Corporate Debt Bomb is Ticking (Think 2000 All Over Again)

Corporate profits are rolling over again. Two years ago, corporations posted their first year of negative profit growth since the Great Crisis. We had a bounce from those depressed levels, which suckered a lot of investors into believing that fundamentals were improving. They were wrong. That bounce has now ended. Year over year profits are

Subprime 2.0: Lending a $1 Trillion to People With No Proof of Job or Income

SubPrime 2.0 is proving far worse than even we suspected. If you’ve not been following this story, our view is that the auto-loan industry is Subprime 2.0: the riskiest, worst area in a massive debt bubble, much as subprime mortgage lending was the riskiest worst part of the housing bubble from 2003 to 2008. In

THREE Charts That Tell Us the Next Financial Crisis is Closer Than Most Think

The election night bull market trendline is about to break. The only reason stocks have held up is hype and hope for Trump’s economic agenda. With the entire MSM, establishment shills, and deep state operatives trying to derail this, the market is about to lose this prop. More worrisome for the financial system: the long-term

Yellen’s Setting Up the Markets For Their Third Fed-Fueled Crash

Janet Yellen is playing with matches next to a $20 Trillion Debt Bomb. During her speech at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy in Michigan, Yellen stated that the biggest risk to monetary policy is for the Fed to “get behind the curve” regarding inflation. To that end, the Yellen Fed has already

Did the $100 TRILLION Bond Bubble Just Burst?

Globally bonds are collapsing. Germany’s 10-Year Bund has seen yields spike out of their downtrend. As have Japan’s 10-Year Government Bonds. Long-Term US Treasuries have taken out their trendline. As have Junk Bonds. Folks, the bond markets are flashing DANGER DANGER. Globally the bond bubble is now well over $100 Trillion. And to top it

Japan is Officially in the End Game

For over six years, the markets have been moving based on Central Banker actions and words. The first phase (2009 to 2013) was dominated by action (ZIRP and QE). The second phase (2013 to the present) was increasingly reliant on words (verbal intervention) as most Central Banks had by then used up 90% of their

The Bond Bubble is Already Bursting… Here’s How We Know

As we outlined last week, the bursting of the bond bubble has begun. CNBC and the financial media may spend 99% of their time talking about stocks, but bonds are the single most important issue for Central Banks. When you consider everything in the context of the bond bubble, every Central Bank policy begins to

Japan Just Lit the Fuse on a $9 Trillion Debt Implosion

Last night the Bank of Japan implemented Negative Interest Rate Policy, or NIRP. It is the second Central Bank to do so. The European Central Bank or ECB first went to NIRP in June 2014. Thus, between Japan and Europe, over 20% of the world’s GDP is being managed by a Central Bank with NIRP.

The Bursting of the Bond Bubble Has Begun Pt 2

As we wrote earlier this week, bursting of the bond bubble has begun. The decision by Central Banks to “inflate” the system’s debts away post-2008 has resulted in the misallocation of trillions of Dollars of capital. The worst offenders were Chinese corporates. China has created the single largest mountain of bad debt in the world.

The Bond Bubble Has Begun Bursting

The bursting of the bond bubble has begun. As I’ve outlined previously the primary concern for Central Banks is the bond bubble. CNBC and other financial media focus on stocks because the asset class is more volatile and so makes for better content, but the foundation of the financial system is bonds. And bonds are

Deflation is Back… Will It Lead to Another Crash?

Central Bankers are flummoxed. Having cut interest rates over 600 times since 2009 (and printed over $15 trillion), they’ve yet to generate the expected economic growth. Despite these failures, the ECB, and the Bank of Japan are currently engaging massive QE programs. The Fed is the only major Central Bank not rapidly expanding its balance

The Fed Rate Hike Will Trigger a $9 Trillion Meltdown

Yesterday, the Fed has hiked interest rates from 0.25% to 0.5%. It is the first rate hike in 10 years. And it is now clear that the Fed is not only behind the ball in terms of raising rates… but that it has now primed the financial system for another 2008-type meltdown. By way of

The Fuse on the Global Debt Bomb Has Just Been Lit

The global bond bubble has begun bursting. This process will not be fast by any means. Central Banks and the political elite will fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo, even if this means breaking the law (freezing bank accounts or funds to stop withdrawals) or closing down the markets (the Dow was
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