The Fed Is Losing Control of the System

The Fed is losing control of the markets. Yesterday the Fed failed to raise rates… again. It also lowered its rate hike forecast to just one rate hike this year (down from two) and possibly three rate hikes next year (down from four). Despite these dovish developments, stocks cratered. We


During the Next Crisis, Entire Countries Will Go Bust

For seven years, the world has operated under a complete delusion that Central Banks somehow fixed the 2008 Crisis. All of the arguments claiming this defied common sense. A 5th grader would tell you that you cannot solve a debt problem by issuing more debt. Similarly, anyone with a functioning

The 2008-Trade Setup is Back… Are You Ready?

Remember late 2007/ early 2008? The US economy was entering a recession; the worst recession in decades. But 99% of economists didn’t see it. Night after night the media proclaimed that the economy was rock solid. They missed the warning signs as experts emerged to proclaim the S&P 500 would

This Might Be the Best Trade Setup In 8 Years (the 2008 Trade is Back)

The US is now rapidly approaching, if not already in a recession. The media likes to talk about unemployment. But the unemployment rate is so gimmicked to make the economy look strong, that even THE FED had to create its own employment metric. When even the Fed calls out data

A Master Trader’s Playbook for What’s Coming Next In the Markets

Since the February bottom, stocks have been following Oil higher. The Single Best Options Trading Service on the Planet THE CRISIS TRADER has produced an astounding 248% return on invested capital thus far in 2016. We have a success rate of 72% meaning we make money on more than seven

Is the Fed Buying Stocks Outright to Prop Up the Markets?

“Someone” is getting desperate. Throughout the last week, anytime stocks have begun to correct or drop, “someone” has bought S&P 500 futures to prop the market up. Anyone who’s been involved with the markets for a while knows the difference between real buyers and manipulation. This is manipulation plain and

Three Signals of Where There’s Money to be Made in the Market

We are now in the worst seasonal period for stocks. The old adage “sell in May and go away” does have some merit. According to the Ned Davis (NDR) database, had you invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 every May 1st starting in 1950 and sold October 31 of the

Two Charts That Prove Central Banks Are Losing Control

The markets opened weak yesterday when the ECB announced no new policies. The ECB is out of options. Mario Draghi has cut rates into NIRP four times and spent nearly €1 trillion in QE. Looking at the EU’s inflation rate, you wouldn’t think the ECB had done anything. Inflation peaked

Ignoring This “Smart Money” Indicator Could Cost You

The financial media want you to believe that stocks have been doing great. However, stocks have gone nowhere since the end of March. If you want to include the collapse at the beginning of the year as well as the massive short-covering rally, you could argue stocks have gone nowhere

The $6 TRILLION Corporate Debt Implosion Begins in T-Minus 3…2…

The corporate bond market is a $6 trillion time bomb waiting to go off. It took the US half a century to grow its corporate bond market to $3 trillion. Thanks to the Fed implementing ZIRP and holding rates there for seven years, we’ve doubled the corporate bond market, adding

A “Big Money” Making Move is Coming to the Markets Soon…

Traders gunned the market higher last week thanks to extremely low volume (most of Wall Street left early for the holiday weekend) and the usual performance (many funds have to record results at month end). The S&P 500 has now slammed up against overhead resistance (red line). We are once

Smart Traders Who Realize This Pattern Could Make a Killing

The markets are tracking the same pattern that played out in 2015. Most market action (more than 80%) today is driven by computer algorithms. These programs look for an asset class that is moving, and then buy based on the momentum. From March through May, the moving asset class is

Is the Derivatives Markets About to Implode the System Again?

The 2008 Crash was caused by the unregulated derivatives markets. And if you think that problem has been fixed, you’re mistaken. Consider Deutsche Bank (DB). DB sits atop the largest derivatives book in the world. This one bank has over $75 trillion in derivatives on its balance sheet. This is

A Major Money Making Opportunity Just Triggered For Stocks

It has now been a year since stocks hit a new all-time high. That is correct, despite having two massive bounces, driven by tremendous Central bank intervention, the S&P 500 remains well below it all time high of 2130 established May 21 2015. Why does this matter? Because it greatly

Is the Stock Market About to Hit Another Air Pocket?

For most investors, the sudden collapses in stocks that we keep experiencing feel they like they come “out of the blue.” After all, we are told incessantly by the Government and the media that the economy is going strong and that everything is great for the stock market. If those

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