Warning: The Fed Is Preparing to Crash the System Again

Very few investors caught on to it, but a few weeks ago the Fed made its single largest announcement in eight years. First let me provide some context. For eight years now, the Fed has propped up


Banks Are “Pulling the Plug” On Another Debt Bubble

The credit cycle is turning for the worse. Delinquency rates are creeping up in the consumer loan and commercial/industrial loan space. This is a clear signal that both the consumer and the

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Did Junk Bonds Just Signal the End to This Credit Cycle?

Stocks are now in very serious trouble. The S&P 500 has fallen to test its “election rally” trendline. If the market breaks down here, there’s essentially one giant “air pocket” down to 2,200


The Fed Just Admitted, On RECORD, Stocks Are In a Bubble

Yesterday, the Fed made the single largest announcement of the last 10 years. The media didn’t catch it. Nor did the markets. The reason? Everyone is so busy focusing on whether or not the Fed


The Last Time This Happened Was Spring 2008

Perhaps the single most accurate predictor of the economy has rolled over into recession territory. I’m talking about tax revenues. GDP growth, unemployment data, ISM surveys… all of these can