Today's Government Lies Could Wipe Out
More Than Just Your Investments:
Is Your Family's Future Safe?

The Federal Reserve and mainstream financial media want you to believe the Financial Crisis is over ... that 2008 was a fluke ... and that they've got everything under control.

But they're lying.

Here's how to protect your family, savings, and portfolio too from the imminent dangers ahead ...

From the Desk of Graham Summers

Dear Concerned Investor,

In an unguarded moment, this is what one of the head honchos at the IMF recently had to say ...

"I won't say that the crisis is over. I would say we are probably in the second part of the crisis"

-Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF Managing Director

That's because entire countries are beginning to go broke. They can't pay for their social programs. They can't fund anything that isn't mission-critical. And their citizens are starting to take the pain where it really hurts. The social unrest and rioting that's coming will be unprecedented once "the masses" find out the truth.

And despite everything you hear on the mainstream media today, those problems are coming to America too. Don't believe me?

Well, if everything's just fine, one has to ask ...

  • Why has the SEC passed new regulation that permits money market fund managers to refuse to return your money to prevent "a run on the fund"?
  • And why has Citibank made it so that you must provide a 7 day notice to withdraw your money from their bank?

They won't admit it, but the "powers that be" know the Financial Crisis isn't over. All the Federal Reserve has done is shift trillions in garbage debt from Wall Street onto Uncle Sam's balance sheet.

This is the exact same practise that took down Wall Street ... what will it do to the financial future of this nation?

You already know the answer -- just look at what's already happened in Iceland, Dubai, and Greece. The financial catastrophes and social unrest occurring in those countries will soon be spreading to Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey, the UK, and ultimately, right here in the US.

Those who continue going about their day-to-day activities as though everything's fine are literally walking into the Round Two of this crisis like lambs to the slaughter.

Round Two's Going To Be
Worse Than 2008: Here's Why

The crisis is now "Sovereign" in the sense that the very debt issues that nearly destroyed the banks are now taking down entire countries.

Who's going to bail out the governments now that they're the ones in trouble?

"They will lose this gamble..."

"Policymakers in major advanced economies have made a gamble; absorbing massive levels of public debt to backstop insolvent banks and fund stimulus spending...

They will lose this gamble, I am convinced, sparking a massive sovereign debt crisis in these economies, especially the US and UK, unleashing a synchronised global depression. What is unfolding now in Greece and the other PIIGS is but a harbinger of what is to come.

I predict that round two will unfold by 2012."

-Sheldon Filger, Canadian economic commentator and predictor of the global financial crisis two years before it occurred

No one's big enough to bail out Europe, after all. The same goes for Japan, the UK and the US. And let's face it: no country can solve its debt problems by taking on more debt. This is the proverbial "checkmate" to all Central Banking policies of the last 3 years. It's why Europe issued a $1 trillion bailout (the largest in history) only to see the Euro and the markets tumble a mere 48 hours later.

In simple terms, the game is up and the real collapse has slowly begun. So what's coming down the pike???

The Federal Reserve's great "re-flation" efforts from 2008-2009 have failed. We're going to see sovereign debt defaults and currency collapses for months if not years to come.

  • Heart-Stopping Supply Shortages: International supply chains will break down sporadically, sometimes for prolonged periods (this includes the food and energy you need to survive)
  • Cash Cut-offs: Credit will become difficult (if not impossible) to get. You might not even be able to withdraw your money if the bank says "no"!
  • Systematic Failures: Banks will be failing faster than ever because the government will not be able to rescue them
  • Depreciating Funny Money: Your hard-earned savings will dissolve like butter in a microwave as currencies rapidly become worthless toilet paper

Is there a solution? You bet there is ...

Prepare Now With The
Thinking Man's Crisis Kit

We've prepared three reports to help concerned individuals ready themselves for Round Two of the financial crisis. Together, they form the Phoenix Investor Personal Protection Kit:

  1. How to Protect Your Family
  2. How to Protect Your Savings
  3. How to Protect You Portfolio

Each one is vital to protecting what you have as the global financial crisis bites deeper. And it will.

Make no mistake, Round Two will be much worse than what we've seen so far. There will be food shortages, bank "holidays" and investment bankruptcies on a scale never seen since the 1930's Great Depression.

Therefore the How to Protect Your Family report details:

  • Food Supplies: The staple foods you need to buy and where to get them (plus what you should expect to pay)
  • Storage: How large a stockpile you should have on hand
  • Plan B: The strategy you must develop for extra food security
  • Precious Metals: The best ways to buy gold and silver bullion, including what to buy and from where
  • Danger Signs: The warning signs of bullion dealers you must know to avoid being cheated or left without access to your bullion during a crisis
  • Security: Where to buy a good safe (and the one thing you must never, ever do!)
  • Cash Supplies: How much cash you should have in hand, and why and when it can be more useful than gold

"Your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food ... It should be well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc. Think Swiss Family Robinson."

-Barton Biggs, multi-billion hedge fund manager, author of "Wealth, War & Wisdom", named by Institutional Investor magazine to its "All-America Research Team" 10 times

Meanwhile the How to Protect Your Savings report explains:

  • Crisis Measures: How to prepare for a bank holiday and/or bank run.
  • The Banks' Shot To The Heart: What derivatives are and how they can impact your bank (Plus how counterparty risk applies to your savings
  • The Government Can't Save You: How the FDIC is totally unprepared for what's to come and honestly cannot insure your deposits.
  • Dangerous Banks: Which mega-banks are in past their neck with derivatives bets likely to blow them out of the water no matter what the government does now.
  • The Best Banking Short Sale: The one supposedly "safe" bank that's a derivatives horror show and a fantastic short when the moment is ripe.
  • Is Your Bank On This List?: A list of the other biggest banks' derivatives exposure. Including the others least likely to remain standing when the dust settles. (You might want to think twice about keeping your money in any of them!)

"I am of the definite opinion that the US has only just felt the beginning of what is to become a more major crisis for them.

"Confidence in the President is low and the sheer amount of national debt is simply a bigger version of the subprime crisis - there is little hope of them being able to even meet the interest bill on such a debt and the fallout may well be similar to that of Argentina - formerly an economically strong country now in the grips of severe financial depression."

-Margaret Lomas, Head of Destiny Financial Services and the Property Investment Professionals of Australia

And our How to Protect Your Portfolio report covers:

  • Ownership Issues: What do you really own when you buy a stock or bond? And what's custodial risk and why does it matter?
  • Stock Profit Secrets: Most people don't understand where the real money is when holding stocks! Discover the two ways stocks pay you and how to select the correct stocks for portfolio survival.
  • My Favorite 5 Buy-and-Hold: Get a sample portfolio of 5 of the very best stock choices which meet crucial criteria for long-term survival (they're all cheaper than you'd think and all but one pays a nice dividend) Also, not one is a gold stock!
  • Distinguish Between an Ordinary Correction and a Real Crisis: Learn the one key signal you need to know. It virtually guarantees you'll get the right timing for a market crash - it's worked for the S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite, and Russell 2000 too.
  • Crash Profiteering: I outline the very best investments to hold when the market goes to pieces (again) including my top 3 choices to buy for outsized profits when chaos is in the air.

The Phoenix Investor Personal Protection Kit is everything you need to ensure you'll weather the coming storm and emerge safe and sound.

Does this all sound overly dramatic? I hope not.

I'm so serious about this that the preparations detailed in these reports are what all of us at Phoenix Capital Research are doing with our own money and families to prepare for what's to come.

We're literally putting our dollars where our mouths are. And what's more ...

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Graham Summers
Editor, Gains, Pains & Capital

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