Third World America:
Why The Death of the
American Middle Class
Will Change Your Life Forever

The Nation Once Called "America" is Dying As You Read This

urgent crisis ahead - please read today

red arrow There's a shocking war right now, right here being waged against the American way of life. And far too many fellow Americans don't realize it's going to kill off America we know it

Now Here's The Scariest Part:

red arrow Nothing can be done to stop the fast-approaching destruction of the American middle class -- and it's happening much sooner than you think!

Dear Visitor:

Imagine you're standing on the edge of a tall, frightening cliff with a rope tied to your ankle. You don't like looking over precipices. So you haven't noticed that:

  • There's a large and terrible boulder plunging into the desert valley below, and
  • The rope on your ankle is attached to it!

Any second now, that rope's going to jerk tight. And you'll be dragged over the cliff before you know what's hit you.

Here's the boulder:

scary st louis fed money supply graph

Here's the still-uncoiling rope:

the US dollar and its declining strength over the years

And when that rope jerks tight, you'll get dragged into something like this:

Destroyed For A Generation... Or Worse!

Country Month with Highest
Inflation Rate
Highest Monthly
Inflation Rate
Equivalent Daily
Inflation Rate
Time Required For
Prices To Double
Hungary July 1946 4.19 x 1016% 207% 15.0 hours
Zimbabwe mid-Nov 2008 7.96 x 1010% 98.0% 24.7 hours
Yugoslavia Jan 1994 3.13 x 108% 64.6% 1.4 days
Germany Oct 1923 29,500% 20.9% 3.7 days
Greece Oct 1944 13,800% 17.9% 4.3 days
China May 1949 2,178% 11.0% 6.7 days

What do you think life was like for the middle-class citizens during those times? Many of them were impoverished beyond their worst nightmares! No money for food, gas, electricity, or clean water. And what was worse, they didn't have a clue it was going to happen ... or when!

So do you want to go over that cliff with the herd? I surely hope not.

Because the people with the right assets could end up very, very rich despite the impending end of America as we know it. What's more, the window to avoid disaster is approaching so quickly that this could be the most important page you've ever read.

America On The Brink:
The Imminent Decline And
Fall of What Made Us Great

What Kind of Life Are Your
Children Facing in Tomorrow's
Third World America?

Even the most impoverished nation on this earth has very rich citizens.

They're fantastically wealthy. They're also fantastically ruthless at keeping down anyone who's not already part of their little club.

That means no middle class to lift that country's economic boats. The elite there simply aren't enlightened enough to allow any real progress they can't personally squeeze for 99% of the profit.

And so such countries remain uneducated, poor and without hope. Without a large, educated and affluent middle class, there's nothing to enrich the nation as a whole.

Now here's the problem: today's America no longer has an enlightened elite that's willing to split the wealth with us. Those days are gone. "They" don't want to share any more.

Don't believe me? Just take one look at the unrestrained greed of Wall Street, politicians at all levels, and corporate America today...

They're behaving exactly like Third World autocrats determined to increase their wealth no matter how dire the effects on the country!

A combination of...

  • Wildly excessive government and private debt
  • Unsustainable government spending
  • Unprecedented monetary inflation, and
  • An 'entitled' populace who want their pet programs no matter what

...Will lead to a great, great depression. The middle class -- the engine that made America a true world leader -- will be ground to dust before it's over. And still the powers in Washington won't make the tough changes that need to be made!

You see, the U.S. is headed for a very hard landing. Our heights have been over-hyped by speculation, insane spending and fraudulent money-printing. Our depths will go to the other extreme.

In fact, the suffering will vastly exceed what happened during the Great Depression. Back then most people had savings and were used to surviving on their own.

Today's average Americans are nothing like that. And very grim times lie ahead for the unprepared who can't -- or won't -- see what's coming up ... FAST.

red arrow On one hand you could wind up impoverished by the death of today's America. Unthinkable prices for food and fuel, unaffordable or unavailable health care, and prosperity and even basic comfort will be a dream of the past ...

red arrow Or you could play this disaster the smart way by investing your money and your time accordingly.

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The non-thinking masses aren't. They'll keep praying to the altars of "authority" and "tradition" all the way to the bitter, poverty-stricken end. 'There's safety in numbers,' they always say.

You know better.

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Don't let them do it!


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Graham Summers
Editor, Gains Pains & Capital

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Remember that wise people would never do what our elected officials are doing today.

Our political leaders live in a fantasy world divorced from reality. We should be cutting spending across the board. Eliminating entire programs and agencies at all levels of government. Enforcing fiscal responsibility and punishing white collar crime for the terrible destroyer of middle-class wealth that it is.

But unfortunately, the Congress and Administration won't do any of this. They won't pay anything more than lip service to the concerns of the voters. They'll do just enough to keep getting elected ... even as they bankrupt America and position it for a truly horrific future.

Please protect yourself before it's too late.