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Dear Investor:

You and I both know this country's greatness was founded on the willingness of the average American to work hard for what he wanted ... and then reap his well-earned rewards. Work hard, invest smart and you could retire comfortably. That was the American dream: anyone could be rich and enjoy a life that was the envy of the world.

That opportunity still exists today.

Even though the Wall Street banks are working hand-in-hand with the government to line their own pockets, America is still the land of opportunity. And that's why I'm so glad you're reading this right now.

Because you know the mainstream media is full of it ... the brokerages and banks are over-run with greedy fraudsters ... and the government is selling out to one special interest group after another. You know this! Otherwise you wouldn't be looking for genuinely useful research that will help you live your very own American dream.

So how can I help you?

Since you're already reading my free e-letter Gains, Pains & Capital, you know I don't pull any punches when it comes to analyzing market trends and opportunities. You could make some pretty good money just by reviewing my free charts and commentary. (And then making your own calls accordingly)

But I go several steps further for the subscribers of my Private Wealth Advisory letter. Because I not only review trends and opportunities in greater detail, I also give specific recommendations on instruments and timing (buy and sell alerts) to maximize the benefit from each one.

You want results? Here they are ...

Let Me Show You
How To Make A Killing

In the last year alone, Private Wealth Advisory subscribers have seen gains of 24%, 28%, 36%, 41%, 42%, and 142%.

That's why my subscribers include executives at Kinder Morgan ... British Petroleum ... Exxon Mobil ... Time Warner ... Boston Scientific ... Medtronic ... Covidien ... John Deere ... Enterprise Partners ... Nationwide Insurance ... LionRock Capital ... and Thomson Reuters.

Other clients include analysts and strategists from Morgan Stanley ... Merrill Lynch ... Wachovia ... Royal Bank of Scotland ... UBS ... Raymond James ... Solomon Smith-Barney ... VTB Capital ... and Scotia Mcleod as well as numerous hedge funds.

Who am I, you ask? My name is Graham Summers. And for the last 8 years I've been helping investors like you avoid surprises ... lock in profits ... and retire securely and with as little worry as possible. I've personally researched and analyzed over 1,000 companies worldwide after beginning my career as a research analyst at one of the largest financial research firms in Baltimore, MD.

What's more, my insights have been featured on ...

  • MoneyTalk Radio
  • Crain's New York Business
  • Financial Life Radio, Reuters
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • The Glenn Beck Show and others

In 2008, I warned my subscribers to get out of the market a full 3 weeks before the October-November nightmare began.

We calmly sat on the sidelines while everyone around us saw their portfolios sliced by a third.Then, when the market bottomed out, we bought in and ...

We collected triple digit gains in the final months of 2008.

Now here's what's coming in the very near investment future:

  • There's a high probability of a highly profitable stock market crash in 2011. I plan to help subscribers make a fortune on it -- just like I did in 2008.
  • Inflation is accelerating in the USA. Food and energy prices are spiking already thanks to the Fed's endless money printing. All current trends point to declining purchasing power. You'll need uniquely profitable inflation protection!

Rising inflation and another major stock market crash might sound scary, but there’s a stable and even prosperous future ahead of you if you’re willing to do 2 things:

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I’m here to provide both, but I hope you're ready for what I have to tell you.

The non-thinking masses aren't. They'll keep praying to the altars of "authority" and "tradition" all the way to the bitter end. 'There's safety in numbers,' they always say.

You know better.

Are You Prepared
For What’s Coming?

I can help you win 3 ways:

  • Safety For Your Money: Gain peace of mind from picking the optimum inflation havens before higher inflation grinds away your comfort zone for a happy retirement
  • Outsized Windfall Profits: Position yourself before the investment 'herd' discovers my unique inflation hedges and panic-bids up the prices
  • Turn Crisis into Profit$: I have a propietary Crash Indicator that virtually guarantees you'll get the timing right (it "triggered" before the Crash of 1987, Tech Bust, and 2008 Crisis) ... plus the top-performing trades to jump into when it triggers

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But please don't delay any longer than you must. Inflation is the stealth destroyer of your wealth. And the coming crash waits for no one!


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Graham Summers
Editor, Gains Pains & Capital

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