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Crash Conditions Are
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The Fed's Fake Rally Is
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Are You Ready For A 2008-Style Slaughter?

I Called the 2008 Collapse Perfectly,
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Now We're About To Do The Same In 2012

Were you caught by surprise when this summer's mini-crash cut the legs out from under your portfolio?

While everyone else was losing their shirts in August and September, subscribers of my Private Wealth Advisory closed out 14 trades for gains of 7%, 8%, 9%, and 10%%and more!

And if you thought that summer crash was bad, you haven't seen anything yet. Something much, much worse is approaching at breakneck speed.

But we're ready for it. I'm already lining up our next round of trades to profit from the much larger crash this fall.

Let me help you do the same!

Dear Visitor:

Most folks lost a ton of money in 2008. My clients didn't. That's because I was warning them about the approaching crisis since the end of 2007.

In fact, we actually made money in 2008 while 99% of newsletter writers, mutual funds, hedge funds, and investing legends lost badly instead. And that's why I'm sounding the alarm again. Because right now we're fast approaching Round Two, and let me put it in the strongest possible terms:

2008 was just a warm-up for what's coming at us today. The 2012 crisis is going to be much worse!

Many folks will lose everything in this mess. But I'm here to see that you're not one of them. So let me be perfectly clear: there's literally no time to lose. Your financial life depends on it.

  • You need to crash-proof your portfolio
  • Take selected short trades, and
  • Psychologically prepare yourself and your family for what's going to be one of the most brutal economic slaughters in history.

I'll explain exactly why it's coming in just a moment. But first I want you to see what I actually wrote before the fact in 2008. You'll see I'm not an analyst who cries 'wolf' every time he sees a dog...

How We Dodged The
2008 Financial Sector Meltdown
(Including the Merrill Lynch Mega-Failure)

Did you lose money on banking stocks or any Wall Street stock that was supposedly making profits hand over fist? I saw through the phony numbers and papered-over risks. And I called the crash in the Financials sector 6 months in advance.

IYF 2008 meltdown

Many Wall Street folks were laughing at how 'wrong' I was prior to this disaster. How could those oh-so-profitable Wall Street banks fail? Especially Merrill Lynch which had done business since 1914? I was right, and we avoided massive losses in the sector.

As you can see from the graph above, we actually made 65% on our largest short position in financials.

How We Made Money From The
2008 Homebuilding Sector Meltdown

And how about the similarly-disastrous homebuilding sector? We had some very profitable shorts there too! You had not one but 2 different opportunities to make some serious cash in that sector.

XHB 2008 crash

Again, some 'industry experts' were smirking at my prediction. America's economy was never stronger! Real estate prices could only go one way! Yadda, yadda, yadda. Those same 'professionals' were crying later, even as we rode these profitable shorts.

A 19% and then 34% profit is a lot better than splitting 2-for-1 the hard way, isn't it?

How We Cashed In While The
Whole World Burned in 2008

How about the S&P market as a whole? Well, we were ready to roll with some very lucrative short opportunities. And our earlier long positions were safely in cash. We were perfectly positioned to scoop up some very juicy post-crash bargains!

Not only with our original cash ... but also the handsome short-side profits we claimed within 8 weeks!

s and p 2008 crash

By the way, we saw more than one short explode during the Crash. Besides the highlighted 176% return, we also saw 162% in another short recommendation. Even if you'd picked only 1 of the 2 suggestions I made, you still made great money!

"Nice work. But that was then, this is now," you might be thinking. "What does this have to do with today's market?"

Let me show you right now:

Why Financial Armageddon's
Coming in 2012 ... And What
You Must Do To Save Your Portfolio

You've been watching the recovery from this summer's mini-crash, haven't you? So have I, and here's my conclusion:

Folks, the market is broken. This rally is perhaps the unhealthiest I've ever seen. The volume is putrid. The momentum is weak. Neither the credit markets nor the bond market are buying into it.

There was a time when credit and bonds were on Red Alert while stocks kept rallying. Just a couple years ago! The last time stocks rallied while the bond and credit markets seized up was right just before the Great Crash of 2008.

And now we're seeing a very similar pattern developing right now:

2008 crash and bond rally compared to the same situation in 2012

How or why is this happening? Let's consider the real situation in the markets today:

    collage of financial crisis images
  • The Next Lehman: Bank of America is on the verge of a collapse. Each minute that ticks by brings it closer to becoming the Lehman Brothers event of this Crash. How do we know? Its financials are horrifying and it's been hit with a $31 billion dollar lawsuit. It's in worse shape than it was in 2008 - when it just barely survived.

  • Europe Is Collapsing: Most every European stock market is gasping for life right now. European banks are in free fall. Germany is facing internal revolt and won't even be able (or willing) to back up any bailouts. And Greece has entered the final stages for its financial system -- the markets are pricing in a near 100% certainty of Greek debt default. This will ultimately kill Europe as we know it today.

  • The US Debt Catastrophe: We just blew out our debt ceiling again. Yes, just after the last desperate extension was passed (and the US credit rating was downgraded to great fanfare). And the US economy remains a disaster with more and more Americans losing jobs and then falling off the unemployment numbers. No jobs = no recovery in sight. Our leaders have no plan but to pass more and more intrusive, ineffective legislation.

  • The Myth of the Market Saviour: QE 3 won't solve this mess no matter how cleverly it's disguised (or trumpeted from the rooftops). The Fed spent $900 billion and nearly one year to prop up the markets -- and we've wiped out all those gains in just one summer month. As for China, how did their support of the Euro go earlier this year? Or the recent multiple central bank intervention to prop up the global markets? They're all clueless about plugging the growing leaks on a very large Titanic.

To be blunt, the financial system is in greater danger of systemic collapse than at any point in history (including 2008). Do not be fooled by the recent rally we've just seen. Things are not okay! We saw rallies of 8%, 11% and even 17% during 2008. Investors who bought into them got taken to the cleaners.

If the European banking system collapses, we could very well see a round of systemic risk that could involve bank holidays, food shortages, civil unrest, and more. Millions of folks just like you are going to see their portfolios get completely destroyed.

Do you really want to be one of them? I surely hope not. Because there's a stable and even prosperous future ahead of you if you're willing to do 2 things:

   Make money by going long or short as needed, and

    Listen to honest, transparent advice you won't find anywhere else

I'm here to provide both, but I hope you're ready for what I have to tell you.

The non-thinking masses aren't. They'll keep praying to the altars of "authority" and "tradition" all the way to the bitter end. 'There's safety in numbers,' they always say.

You know better.

Are You Prepared
For What's Coming?

About My Personal
Crash Indicator -- It's
Triggered Again!

In the Special Report Protect Your Portfolio (free to all subscribers), I not only give you the identities of each of several key shorts to take before a crash, I also explain the one key signal that virtually guarantees you'll get the timing right - my propietary Crash Indicator.

This Indicator has triggered before every crash of the last 25 years. It caught the 1987 Crash, the Tech Bubble, the 2008 Crash, as well as the mini-Crash of May 2010.

trigger for crash profits

Now here's the most important part:

It's just triggered again and you have no time to lose to protect yourself!

The behind-the-scenes fear in the markets is growing by the day.

The insiders know the US is broke. They realize our leaders have no clue how to solve any of the structural issues facing our economy and markets. We're going nowhere except deeper into debt. Despite spending trillions to prop up the stock market, the US government has still failed to create new jobs or improve our American quality of life over the last 2 years. Meanwhile the Fed's done nothing but slowly erode the value of our once-prized dollar.

We're at the end game for government intervention in the economy and marketplace. It's not the end game for you, though. I can help you win in 3 key ways:

  1. 1. Safety For Your Money: Gain peace of mind from picking the optimum inflation havens before higher inflation grinds away your comfort zone for a happy retirement. I'll also tell you when deflation threatens (and it's safer to be in cash and cash alone)!

  2. 2. Turn Crisis into Profit$: I have a propietary Crash Indicator that virtually guarantees you'll get the timing right ... plus the top-performing trades to jump into when it triggers

  3. 3. Where To Park Your Money After: Once the dust settles, I'll show you the best places to deploy your original funds plus your crash profits. You'll need to build lasting wealth as the world slowly puts itself back together again

Wouldn't you like to be ahead of the curve? Now you can ...

My clients actually made money in 2008, having been warned a full 3 weeks in advance of the Crash to get out the market and go short.

And right now I believe we could see another 2008 situation unfold in the near future. That's why I just unveiled 6 specific trades to subscribers. All of these will pay off huge returns once the current stock market collapse accelerates.

In fact, the worse things get... the more profitable our strategy will be.

I've also taken steps to prepare subscribers and their loved ones for for potentially serious disruptions to the US economy. These include bank holidays, food shortages, stock crashes, debt defaults, civil unrest and more. Use my Protect Your Family, Protect Your Savings, and Protect Your Portfolio reports: they're 40+ pages of material which will show you how to prepare for the worst.

So we're ready for whatever may come. If you've yet to take these precautions yourself, you've got just enough time to get your financial "house" in order. You'll not only survive what's coming... but potentially even make serious money from it.

"I made $10,000"

"...I made $10,000 on the shorts today... I get about 5 different newsletters but I am making more money with Phoenix.

Thanks a bunch."

-William M.

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our recent track record

No less than 13 of our last 14 closed trades have been winners. And our Private Wealth Advisory portfolios have shown recent subscribers gains of 24%, 32%, 36%, 42%, and even 142%.

That's why my subscribers include executives at many Fortune 500 Companies including Kinder Morgan ... British Petroleum ... Exxon Mobil ... Time Warner ... Boston Scientific ... Medtronic ... Covidien ... John Deere ... Enterprise Partners ... Nationwide Insurance ... LionRock Capital ... and Thomson Reuters.

Other clients include analysts and strategists from Morgan Stanley ... Merrill Lynch ... Wachovia ... Royal Bank of Scotland ... UBS ... Raymond James ... Solomon Smith-Barney ... VTB Capital ... and Scotia Mcleod as well as numerous hedge funds.

My name is Graham Summers. And I've been helping investors like you avoid surprises ... lock in profits ... and retire securely with as little worry as possible for years. I've personally researched and analyzed over 1,000 companies worldwide traveling to locations such as Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland, Peru and more.

screenshots of featured analysis on Glenn Beck Program

What's more, my investing insights have been featured on ...

  • CNN Money
  • The Glenn Beck Program (see the screenshots to the right)
  • MoneyTalk Radio
  • Crain's New York Business
  • The New York Post
  • Financial Life Radio, Reuters
  • Rolling Stone Magazine and others

Get access to all my specific investment opportunities and the detailed reasoning behind them!

Please don't delay any longer than you must. The coming crash waits for no one!


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Graham Summers
Editor, Gains Pains & Capital

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"I don't use exclamation points,
but I am thoroughly pleased."

"Thank you so much for your newsletter and Phoenix Capital.

Your inflation trades are incredibly good. Your top pick for me is actually up 52%. Second place is 23%, not too shabby. I don't use exclamation points, but I am thoroughly pleased. And only the most recent recommendations are down at all, and even then, just barely. You've definitely discovered great companies that have real assets. And that's what I want.

I'm not, in the end, a speculator, I'm looking to hold on to value in an inflationary environment. I didn't choose the insane policies of my government, but I don't have to be a passive victim of them. I would love to choose companies I believe in, turn off the computer, and go enjoy my life.

But what allows me to sleep at night is not your inflation picks, it's you. (What follows is general praise.) I've subscribed to a half-dozen paid sites and I've felt burned on almost all of them. Even after two months, I'm convinced you are several steps above the rest. I'll highlight the characteristics that make you the bee's knees

1) You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I do sense that you care about the direction this country is taking. And the consequences it's having not only for the citizens here, but around the world.

2) You understand the big picture. Macro analysis has to be first. Without understanding this, every other decision is going to be faulty. I've seen good stock/sector pickers, but I get worried about whether they are picking up dimes in front of bulldozers. (The key phrase is "I get worried").

3) Some of the hardest work you do is in uncovering short/medium term trends. A great example was your recent analysis on Bernanke being a possible upcoming scapegoat. Sure enough on Marketplace's main page the VERY NEXT DAY: "Bernanke is unwilling to even consider that his bond-buying policy is even remotely harmful" (paraphrase). Sounds like WSJ is trying to signal that Bernake is becoming a liability! I read Zerohedge every day, and it is truly the greatest website out there today, but endless data points do not actually help one navigate the market! If anything, after a point, data hurts.

4) You are specific (Buy XYZ now) and even give a sense of degree (buy a little now or "double down"). This kind of phrasing is great for the retail investor like myself. It gives me a sense of proportionality within my portfolio.

5) You are flexible, just as you ask us to be. I've seen sites where they flip from bullish to bearish on a dime. That's not flexibility, that's called being a sheeple. I see that you are not afraid to question your underlying assumptions regarding a current, and make adjustments (e.g. which is more vulnerable Euro or the dollar).

But I also like how you stay with a conviction if you know that it is the right call. Even when I've been in the red on one of your trade recommendations, I don't get upset. If I want to lessen my risk, I lower my exposure. In fact, I sold XXX after taking a bit of a hit. Then the market spiked up, so I bought XXX back. Then the market really slumped, and I've nearly broken even on the round trip. I could only make that mini-move because of your conviction on the trade. Otherwise I would have gone long the market, and been hit coming and going.

6) You are responsive to your subscribers.

I'm not asking you to make every call perfectly. That's impossible. But if I'm going to take a loss on any given day, I want it to be in a trade that I can stand by, and because of your analysis and expertise, I feel I can do that.

Keep up the good work, and I hope, most importantly, you feel you are being rewarded for your efforts. It's not an easy job to sort out this madness of a global economy. As I see fund after fund closing its doors, I know that only a true warrior could stand in this bloody arena and find success. You are a true life-line for me."

Best regards,

Frank W.

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