I believe Graham Summers is among the most astute of today's financial
market observers.  His ability to synthesize diverse aspects of the market
environment into a coherent picture for framing his strategy recommendations
is unique and admirable.
Jagadeesh Gokhale
Senior Fellow
Cato Institute
Washington DC

Dear Investor,

In today's financial world, every investor has access to the same information:
the same press releases, financial statements, and same economic data points.

In this climate, the only competitive advantage an investor can gain is by
finding the "unquantifiable" opportunities lurking "between the lines" of
the financial statements and press releases... the ideas that no single data
point can provide.

Which is why I created
Private Wealth Advisory.

Private Wealth Advisory is my bi-weekly investment advisory created
specifically for individual investors to help them sift through the mountains
of information out there to find the "unquantifiable" investment opportunities
(and risks) that 99% of investment analysts fail to grasp.

To do this, I draw on socio-economic, political, even cultural ideologies, as
well as more traditional financial and macroeconomic analysis.

The end result is that my clients are often aware of opportunities and dangers
months, if not years, before the rest of the investment community catches on.
Consequently, their portfolios are well positioned for the "unforeseen" and
they make money while everyone chases one false premise after another:

Private Wealth Advisory portfolio return over the last 12 months:

As you can see, we're up over 34% in the last 12 months... at a time when
the S&P 500 has been break even. And we have done this using nothing
more than stocks and ETFs (no options and no futures).

This track record, combined with my reputation for making accurate
precictions well in advance of the Wall Street has resulted in my work
being featured everywhere from RollingStone magazine, to CNN Money,
Fox Business, The New York Post, Crain's New York Business,
the Glenn Beck Show.

Graham Summers is one of the few independent thinkers in the strategy
business who truly understands the issues the world is facing... What I
also admire is GrahamĀ“s dovetailing of technical analysis with fundamental
analysis, which shows a profound understanding of how to best capture
the potential profits whilst keeping risk at a manageable level.

Raoul Pal
Editor Global Macro Investor
Former Co-Manager, GLG Global Macro Fund
GLG Partners in London

An annual subscription to
Private Wealth Advisory costs $299.
This includes:

  1. 26 bi-weekly isues of Private Wealth Advisory (usually 15-30 pages in length).
  2. Real-time email investment alerts telling you when it's time to buy or sell.
  3. Special Reports detailing specific investment opportunities or risks you need to be aware of.
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Private Wealth
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Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Private Wealth Advisory