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There's danger ahead and lots of it, thanks to the corruption of Wall Street and our Government.

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I'm Graham Summers, editor of the free Gains, Pains & Capital e-letter you're reading today. As a GPC subscriber, you've learned what's really going on inside the financial markets.

Are you ready to begin profiting from the following trends?

  • Inflation is erupting in the USA. We're seeing a spike in food and energy prices courtesy of Wall Street's reckless financial speculation and the Fed's endless money printing

  • China is not pleased with our monetary policy. And when push comes to shove, it's China that holds the trump cards in the form of interest rates

  • We're rapidly heading into another 2008 type debacle only this time it will be SOVEREIGN in nature: the next debt crisis will involve the US going bankrupt

All this financial market volatility is a good thing if you know what investments to hold for maximum return. Just because the world is in a crisis doesn't mean you and your portfolio have to go down with the ship!

In fact, my exclusive Private Wealth Advisory investment newsletter provides you with specific investment ideas that will help you avoid the hurricanes ahead. And grow your capital handsomely! With 2 different portfolios that exploit Wall Street and Government lies to your advantage, as a Private Wealth Advisory subscriber you'll be:

  • Protected from the inflationary storm that is erupting in the US.

  • Profiting from the return of systemic risk (the US debt crisis will make the 2008 stock crash look like a picnic... remember the bond market is TWICE as big as the stock market!)

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Graham Summers
Editor, Gains Pains & Capital

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  • Why the structural issues plaguing the world's most critical financial markets haven't been fixed and why it's extremely unlikely they ever will be.

  • Why America's fiscal condition is as bad if not worse than Greece's. (The US media never discusses this and you'll soon understand why.)

  • What a debt spiral is and why we're just entering one now with renewed acceleration.

  • The 30 year bull market that's about to end in spectacular fashion and why this can cripple your retirement if you're not prepared.

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