Anyone who tells you the stock market is in the longest bull market in history is not telling the truth.

The common belief is that stocks have been in a bull market since 2009. This is false. Stocks were in a bear market from 1997-2013. Throughout that time period, the stock market went nowhere. It was only in mid-2013, that stocks broke out to a new bull market.

Moreover, stocks are nowhere near a blow off top. From late 2017 until late-2019, the stock market traded sideways. It indeed, this latest bull run didn’t really start until October 2019! And we’re only up 400 points from that!

Again, this bull market in stocks is neither old nor is it approaching a blow off top. If anything, we just broke out of the second large consolidation period in the last decade.

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Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research

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