I Wouldn’t Bet Against This If I Were You

All last week, I warned that the markets are setting up for a spectacular collapse.

I noted that inflation is at levels that have preceded recessions throughout the last 50 years.

I also noted that the yield curve had inverted. This might be the single most accurate predictor of recession. It has accurately predicted every recession since the early ‘70s, including the 2020 recession (something fewer than 1% of professional investors got right). And it’s now forecasting a recession in the near future.

Today, we are adding the economically sensitive Dow Transports index to the list of recession warnings. On Friday, this stock index collapsed almost 5%. The damage was led by highly economically sensitive trucking and rail companies: companies that usually signal a recession months before the rest of the market “catches on.” 

JB Hunt is one of the largest trucking companies in the nation. Trucking might be THE most economically sensitive industry in the market. What does this chart tell you is coming?

Put simply, multiple signals with extremely accurate historical track records are screaming “RECESSION!”

What are the odds they are ALL wrong this time?

The time to prepare for what’s coming is NOW, before it hits.

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Posted by Phoenix Capital Research