The Black Swan Your Broker Won’t Tell You About

The US Dollar as we know it, derives its value based on where it trades against a basket of other currencies. Some 56% of this basket is comprised of Euros. Because of this, moves in the Dollar and the Euro tend to be closely correlated.

So, when the ECB cut interest rates to negative in June 2014, capital began to flow aggressively away from the EU and into the US Dollar. This in turn kicked off a strong US Dollar rally.

Which in turn began to implode the $9 trillion global US Dollar carry trade.

Globally, the world is awash in borrowed money… most of it in US Dollars. The US Dollar carry trade is north of $9 trillion… literally than the economies of Germany and Japan COMBINED.

When you BORROW in US Dollars you are effectively SHORTING the US Dollar. So when the US Dollar rallies… you have to cover your SHORT or you blow up.

Below is a chart showing the inverse US Dollar (meaning that when the Dollar strengthens, the black line falls) and the Euro (blue line). Note that the two move almost lockstep together:

This situation is not over. The US Dollar carry trade did not clean itself out in the space of six months. Again, there are over $9 trillion in borrowed Dollars floating around the financial system. If the US Dollar continues to strengthen at a bare minimum 50% of this will need to be unwound.

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