We have received over 1,000 positive testimonials from our clients over the years. Below are a sampling of them.

“ In December, I bought five June $2.50 option contracts on XXX at a cost of $.58/share. Currently, I could sell at $1.20/share. Not bad performance! Kind regards… ” (108% gain) – Al S.

“ Your recommended XXX trade has been a real gem; I jumped into the acquisition target at $2.40/sh just after signing up for your newsletter in Nov last year… we’re currently at 3.69 (after hitting 3.86 earlier today!) … but it’s looking like we’ll close today easily north of a 50% gain on that trade. ” – Ron D.

“ I’ve read a lot of testimonials – now I get to write one! The [perfect trade] was killer! 106% for me in less than 24 hours! My subscription is paid for in that single trade and then some. Thanks a lot! ” – William M.

“ I opened my browser about 10am and found your email, proceeded to close the FXI Dec11 36 Calls at 1.21, amazing. Net $1,550 gain on my $1,475 invested =105% return in under 24 hours — my very first option trade, and you hitting it outta the park, fantastic job! ” – John C.

“ I am in the inflation trades: +52% +11.21% +11.36%. Excellent returns so far – Thank you. BTW – I am also 3 for 3 on your TPT trades – Great Job!!! ” – J. Brown

“ Thank you so much for your newsletter and Phoenix Capital. Your inflation trades are incredibly good. Your top pick for me is actually up 52%. Second place is 23%, not too shabby. I don’t use exclamation points, but I am thoroughly pleased. ” – Frank W.

“ [This] was the first alert I got from you and I wish to congratulate you. It was so well researched and being a little cautious I went for [it] and made over $2500… 53% in a matter of days. ” – Vic M.

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“ Private Wealth Advisory is by far the best commentary I know globally (and I get a lot of these)… ” – Aaron K.

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“ Thanks for the service. I’ve made my subscription fee ($800) back within 2 weeks. ” Brad A.

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“ Hi Graham, finding the publication very useful and informative, thank you. Love the trades, off the beaten path. Keep ‘em coming please! ” – Dave L.

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– Brad L.