Graham Summers’ Free Weekly Market Forecast (Stocks are Last To Get It Edition)

For months now the commodities sector has been leading stocks. Of the commodities agricultural commodities were the market leaders: they began this rally back in June 2010, a month before Gold and two months Oil hit lift off:

With that in mind, the first warning we got of trouble in the markets came from the agri space which began to roll over in February 2011. They fell hard, forming a domed top and are now bouncing off support to retest their descending trendline since the Feb 2011 top:

If we break the descending trendline, we’re likely to re-test the Feb 2011 highs. Alternatively, if we break support, we’re going to $9.50 if not $8.50 in short order.

IF this happens, then expect stocks to take a BIG hit. So far they’re held up relatively well although as we all know by now, stocks are ALWAYS the last to “get it.” So the fact that stocks have held up while commodities (especially the economically sensitive ones like copper and oil) have taken a dive could in fact be a BAD thing as it predicts some serious pain for stocks.

On that note, the primary line to watch here is support at 1,325. If  we take out that line with conviction, stocks are going to 1,300 if not 1,250.

Indeed, the S&P 500 has formed a triangle pattern that predicts a potential breakdown to 1,260 if not lower. So be on the lookout for a potential SERIOUS correction coming shortly.

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Those who think stocks can’t collapse need to consider that the Fed actually WANTS this to happen: they need oil and other commodities to cool so the inflationary pressure drops. The Fed also need some kind of incentive to keep printing money. And a market collapse would serve as the perfect “SEE? We NEED to keep QE going to hold the system together” argument for later this year.

So expect stocks and the market to tank in the coming weeks. After that, QE 3 will be announced. And when that happens, inflation hedges will EXPLODE.

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Good Investing!

Graham Summers

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