Inflationary Thursday: Five Investments That Are Better Than Gold

This latest pullback in the commodities space has presented long-term bulls and inflationists with a terrific buying opportunity in the inflation hedge are.

Indeed, Silver looks to have put in a base and is now challenging resistance at $37.50. If we can break that level with conviction we’re off the to the races again.

The picture is even better for Gold which not only held its trendline (and the first line of support) but has bow broken out of a triangle pattern to the upside: a move that predicts a re-test of the highs:

However, the pullback in commodities has been EVEN BETTER for other lesser known inflation hedges. Indeed, individual players were absolutely decimated, bringing them to valuations we haven’t seen since 2008.

Consider that during 2008, Gold traded around $900 per ounce. Today it’s at $1,500. And yet, based on reserves and underlying assets, many inflation hedges today are trading at valuations equal to when Gold was only at $900 per ounce.

In other words… BACK UP THE TRUCK!

I’m currently putting together a two part Special Report detailing the FIVE BEST opportunities in the inflation hedge space today. I call it Better Than Gold: The Five Best Inflation Hedges On the Planet… and the companies these reports detail are SCREAMING buys.

For instance…

My first inflation hedge is one of the greatest investment secrets on the planet. Over the last 10 years it’s increased its reserves 1,200%. Today it sits on over 12 million ounces of Gold.

However, despite this incredible track record and value, 99.9% of the investment world doesn’t EVEN KNOW THIS COMPANY EXISTS. Indeed, the last time a firm upgraded/ downgraded this company was OVER A YEAR AGO.

Literally NO ONE is talking about this company.

Because of this, the market has no idea about the true value of this company’s assets: today the company’s reserves are valued at only $600 PER OUNCE.

To give you a better idea of how absurd this is, consider that other, better-known companies with comparable reserves have market caps that are more than TWICE as big as this one.


I’m detailing this company and four others of similarly obscene value in two parts of my Better Than Gold: The Five Best Inflation Hedges On the Planet.

Part 1 of this report, which details this company and another one that’s even MORE attractive, is already online and available to download to all Private Wealth Advisory subscribers.

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Good Investing!

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