The 3rd Largest Bond Market in the World is Imploding

I’ve been warning for days that stocks are the last to “get it” and that this latest rally should not be trusted.

Well, by the look of things, stocks are finally waking up to what the credit and bond markets have been telling us for weeks: that the European debt-implosion has now shifted from a relatively small problem (Greece) to a MAJOR problem (Italy).

Remember, worldwide exposure to Greece is roughly $280 billion. Worldwide exposure to Italy is more than THREE TIMES this. Italy is the third largest bond market in the world (behind Japan and the US). So when it implodes, the whole financial system shakes.

Well, according to Barclay’s Italy has now gone “mathematically beyond the point of no return.” Private Wealth Advisory subscribers have been prepared for this for some time.

Indeed, just last week I alerted them the following:

[Italy] is the REAL systemic risk today. And it’s the number one reason why we’ve opened our Crisis Trades again. The Italian ten-year note just cleared 6.2% earlier this week. Once it clears 8% it’s GAME OVER for Italy.

Since I sent out that report, our Crisis trades have exploded higher. Already several of them are closing in on the double digits. And I fully expect we’ll see ALL of them in the double digits in the coming weeks,

And the stuff only just hit the fan in Europe.

Folks, we’re not out of the woods yet… not by a long shot. The same problems plaguing Europe today are coming to the US’s shores. And when they do, everyone will realize what I’ve been saying since 2009: that 2008 was the warm up… the REAL Crisis is when the US defaults and we face systemic collapse.

This is coming. It’s no longer a matter of if but when. Which is why if you’ve not already taken steps for what’s coming, the time to do so is NOW before the real mess begins.

I can show you how. My clients MADE money in 2008. They’re making money now too with the 12 Crisis I mentioned earlier.

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