Why We’re Called Phoenix Capital Research

Many times people write to us asking, “Why are you called Phoenix Capital Research? Are you based in Phoenix?” (the short answer is no, we’re not in Phoenix, Arizona)

It’s a great question. Usually most research firms base their names on the firm’s founder. I can think of at least two large newsletter companies whose names are simply a guy’s name followed by the word “research.”

While this is great from an ego-purpose (who doesn’t want to see their name plastered everywhere?), when I was asked to be Chief Market Strategist for this company I purposely decided to avoid this sort of name because I think it emphasizes the “I sell my research to my clients” aspect of this industry too much.

This works great for some companies. But it’s now how I, and the rest of the folks at Phoenix Capital Research, do things. For us, we see our clients as an extension or almost a part of the firm itself.

Let me explain.

When you sign up to read our research or pay us to provide you with premium level insights as well as investment strategies, you are trusting us to provide you with:

1)   Top-notch insights that will help you understand the markets and the socio-economic/political forces that impact them.

2)   Investment strategies that will help you make money.

So while we take great pride in the work we produce, it is your trust in us as well as your demand for our research that keeps us in business.

So, when it came time to name this business, we chose the name Phoenix Capital Research.

We did this based on the mythical Grecian bird, the Phoenix, which would die every 500 years, burning away its old form to emerge newborn and glorious to enter a new age.

To us the Phoenix symbolizes the reality that life in a global economy consists of dealing with cycles of creation and destruction. Nothing goes straight up or straight down. Things are always changing. That is a fact of life.

From an investment/economic standpoint, it is these very cycles that allow us to achieve sustainable growth by cleaning out the weak players/ bad debts in the market and economy, much as a forest fire cleanses a forest to allow the next round of growth to begin.

However, for us, the Phoenix symbolizes much more than this; it symbolizes not only being aware of these cycles (the Phoenix knows when it is time to let its old form be cleansed in fire) but emerging successful and victorious from them.

In this sense the Phoenix symbolizes being aware of reality, acknowledging the cycles and changes that occur, and taking steps to insure that you not only prepare for these cycles, but that you get through the tough ones even BETTER than you were before them.

In simple terms, the Phoenix stands for awareness, having the courage to embrace the truth of a situation in life and the markets, and then taking action to triumph over the obstacles put in one’s path.

We also added the word “Capital” to our name because we work in the investment research industry. So our job is to help your capital be like the Phoenix: facing the facts, preparing for what’s coming, and then emerging successfully from whatever may come.

Finally, we sell Research. We don’t manage funds nor do we broker deals. We sell Research. So our Research is the vessel through which we help our clients and their capital become Phoenixes.

Thus, we are Phoenix Capital Research. Our firm stands for helping you and your capital become a Phoenix.

This philosophy permeates everything we do. After all, our business, like a Phoenix, is a living, breathing thing. Nothing guarantees that we’ll survive other than your trust in us based on our ability to do right by you and your portfolio.

Thus, by providing the very best, honest, and insightful research possible, we are taking steps to insure that we ourselves will be like the Phoenix. Because if you do well by reading our research, you will stay with us, which means that we as in our business Phoenix Capital Research, will get through the various economic cycles of creation and destruction too.

So when we say, “we are” Phoenix Capital Research, we literally mean “you, our clients and readers” as well as “we, the employees of Phoenix Capital Research.”

Put another way, your success is our bread and butter.

This philosophy guides everything we do. It’s why we’re not called Summers Research. It’s also why you don’t see the words “Authority” or some other term that elevates us above our clients. We’re all in this together. And claiming that we’re great and you’re lucky to know about us and our name is just pure arrogance.

No, WE are lucky to have YOU as our clients. Because we’re in this together. Your success following our research means that we will be successful. That is the reality of the research industry.

If clients become Phoenixes, so will we.

We are Phoenix Capital Research.

With that in mind, it’s clear now that the world is entering a period of wealth destruction. Europe is in the midst of a sovereign debt crisis. History tells us that this will entail more than one sovereign nation going belly-up. Indeed, I believe that we’ll see ALL of the PIIGS as well as France stage sovereign defaults in the coming months.

After that will come Japan, then finally the US. By the time the smoke clears, we will have seen systemic collapse.

This will mean:

1)   Many major banks disappearing, as well as numerous potentially lengthy bank holidays (think Argentina in 2001)

2)   Multiple sovereign defaults as well as broad economic contractions and their commensurate unemployment/ civil unrest/ erasure of retirement accounts/ pensions (this process has already begun in some US municipals, e.g. San Bernandino and Stockton California as well as Harrisburg Pennsylvania).

3)   Possibly new currencies being introduced or new denominations of currencies (say one new unit being worth 1,000 of the old one)

4)   Massive wealth destruction to the tune of tens of trillions of Dollars (think MF Global i.e. the money is gone… only systemically… in fact we just had another such instance with PF)

5)   A global contraction that will result in new political/ power structures being implemented as well as the breakup of various countries/ unions.

6)   Very serious trade wars to begin (see Obama’s recent attack on China) and very possibly a real war.

If the above make you frightened, you’re not alone. As I’ve dug deeper and deeper into the inner workings of the global financial system over the past months, the information I’ve come across has only gotten worse. I’ve been holding off writing all of this because up until roughly April/May it seemed possible that the world might veer towards another outcome.

I no longer view this to be the case. I am almost certain that what I’ve written above will come to pass. I know that much of what I’ve written to you in the past could be labeled as “gloom and doom.” However, I want you to know that I do not use the words “systemic collapse” lightly. Indeed, I wish I wasn’t mentioning them now, but I’d be doing you a disservice not to bring them up because we’re well on our way towards it.

At Phoenix Capital Research, we are determined to help our clients get through this period safely and profitably. The words “systemic collapse” sounds horrifying but the truth is that some of the world’s biggest fortunes were made during Crises.

This time around will be no exception.

Indeed, my Private Wealth Advisory newsletter has already been showing individual investors some incredible gains from Europe’s woes. We’ve seen over 30 winning trades this year alone. In fact, we just closed out three winners this morning: gains of 9%, 10%, and 11% all in less than a month.

This makes 71 STRAIGHT WINNING TRADES and not ONE SINGLE CLOSED LOSER in over a year.

This is not a marketing gimmick or some kind of “massaged” track record. Of our current open positions opened this year (13 total) only three are in the red: -1%, -3% and -12%. I’m confident that ALL of them will end up the black (many of our winners from this year took some time to produce the profits we’ve seen… but NOT ONE OF THEM WAS A LOSER WHEN WE CLOSED IT).

So if you’re looking for help navigating this mess, we’d love to have you join us at Phoenix Capital Research. The best means for individual investors, (not day traders) is Private Wealth Advisory which costs $329 per year and which uses plain stocks and ETFs (no options or futures) to profit from the markets.

Each annual subscription to Private Wealth Advisory comes with 26 bi-weekly research reports outlining the underlying socio-economic, political, and financial trends that are determining the markets’ moves.

These reports are typically between 12-30 pages in length depending on what’s going on in the world. My latest titled, Why You Can’t Just Print destroys ANY and ALL arguments that the world central banks can hit “print” to stop the sovereign debt crisis.

On top of these 26 reports, you also get real-time trade updates (we don’t wait for publishing dates to issue buy or sell alerts) telling you the exact moment you need to buy or sell an investment, e.g. the three winners I mentioned above were closed out this morning when I sent an alert saying it was time to lock in those profits.

All of this for just $329 per year. That’s roughly $13 per report… for investment insights that have produced 71 straight winning trades and NOT ONE CLOSED LOSER in over a year.

To find out more about Private Wealth Advisory and how it can help you profit from the markets…

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