Where We Are and Where We’re Going (10-1-12)

Last week was options expiration week as well as the end of the Third Quarter. So hedge funds were highly incentivized to gun stocks and precious metals higher (hedge funds are currently mostly long stocks and precious metals) to game their 3Q12 performance.

However, what’s notable is that despite this, stocks actually finished the week down. Indeed, as the below chart shows, hedgies continually pushed the market up only to find that there were few real buyers in the market, as a result, stocks tended to drift downward towards the end of each session.

Gold on the other hand, finished the week up.

This is a critical development. A recent survey performed by Goldman Sachs indicates that the firm’s clients do not believe that QE 3 (or QE Infinite as it’s commonly called due to the program being continuous in nature) will do much to boost stocks, but that it will unleash higher inflation.

Last week’s action provides plenty of evidence that this is the growing consensus among institutional investors and hedge funds. This is particularly worrisome as it indicates that the Fed may have just spent its last bullet: if the only positive consequence of QE (stocks moving higher) is no longer in place while the negative consequences (higher inflation/ cost of living) are being exacerbated, then things will be getting very ugly indeed.
The key chart to watch for this will be the performance of Gold relative to the S&P 500. If and when the S&P 500 turns downward while Gold continues to rally, then the Fed will have lost all control and we’re heading into a truly disastrously inflationary collapse.

By the look of things, this is not far off. The below chart shows the performance of Gold vs. that of the S&P 500 since the Fed announced QE 3. If stock continue to crater while Gold rallies, then it’s GAME OVER for Fed intervention as the Fed literally cannot do anything more.


The significance of this cannot be overstated. The only reason the Fed has been able to get away with the various interventions it implements is because the stock market continues to rally each time the Fed supplies more juice.

So if the Fed announces an ongoing program with no end in site and stocks fall, then buckle up.

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