Is There Such a Thing as The Perfect Trade?

We’ve received a number of emails regarding the long-term performance of The Perfect Trade.

Having already locked in a return on invested capital of 36% in 2013 so far, investors are curious how this newsletter has fared in the past.

The below table should help explain why this newsletter is so extraordinary.

As you can see, The Perfect Trade’s model portfolio has produced MASSIVE returns on invested capital three of the last four years.

The one year that we lost money was in 2012. And that loss was the result of just four trades that we let run for too long. Without them, The Perfect Trade would have once again doubled investors’ money in 2012.

Since this disappointing performance, we’re changed our stop loss policy to make sure this never happens again.

And yet, despite that one terrible year, this newsletter has produced an AVERAGE ANNUAL GAIN OF 46.25% since 2010.

This has crushed the performance of EVERY ASSET CLASS under the sun by MANY multiples.

Since 2010, the S&P 500 has returned an average annual gain of 10%. So The Perfect Trade has returned more than FOUR TIMES the S&P 500 over the same time period.

From 2010 until today, Gold has produced an average annual return of 12%. So The Perfect Trade has outperformed even the precious metal by more than THREE FOLD.

Even Apple, the most popular holding for Hedge Funds and individual investors, has returned an average annual gain of 26% since 2010. The Perfect Trade has nearly DOUBLED THIS.

So with just one trade, made once per week, you could have outperformed EVERY asset class on earth as well as 99% of investing legends and hedge funds.

This is why it’s called The Perfect Trade.

And if you’re an investor looking for the means of producing major income from your portfolio, this is it.

As you can imagine, as word gets out regarding this newsletter and its performance, investors are piling in. However, we cannot allow thousands and thousands of traders to follow these trades while maintaining our performance.

For that reason, we’re only allowing a limited number of slots before we close the doors on this newsletter and simple start a waiting list.

So if you’d like to be one of the investors to snag one of these remaining slots, you need to move quickly.

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