How to Double Your Money in 10 Months

Today I’m going to show you how to trade the market successfully.

It is commonly thought that in order to trade and make money in the markets, you need to trade all asset classes. I am always asked by people, “what do you think of Gold? Is the Dollar going up or down? What are you trading today?” and on and on from subject to subject.

The biggest problem with this is that it is hard enough to get good at trading just one item, let alone trading multiple items at once. Trading multiple asset classes requires a level of sophistication and understanding that 99% of folks simply do no have (you’ll note that even Wall Street traders tend to specialize in one asset class or theme).

So forget about becoming a “Master of the Universe.” Trading is not about having your money in every asset class under the sun (I’m talking about trading not investing here).

No, to be a successful trader, all you need to focus on is making money. And the easiest way to make money trading the markets is to find one thing that works and keep doing it.

I’m speaking from experience here. The Perfect Trade newsletter which I write, trades options on just one ETF. It sounds boring, but there is nothing boring about the profits.

On average, The Perfect Trade makes money 80% of the time. By focusing on this ONE trade and by using strict discipline in terms of position sizing and stop losses, we have produced a REAL return on invested capital of 160% so far this year.

That’s correct, 10 months into 2013 we have already more than doubled our money. In the last two months alone we’ve seen the following results:

Date Gain/ Loss
7/24/13 12.90%
7/30/13 -31.58%
8/6/13 46.15%
8/13/13 24.07%
8/20/13 33.80%
8/27/13 17.65%
9/3/13 -24.66%
9/11/13 2.20%
9/18/13 35.71%
9/26/13 -36.11%*
10/9/13 8.33%
10/15/13 12.05%
10/22/13 5.45%

It’s impossible to avoid losers. But by using careful position sizing (the * above was a trade where we used 25% of our usual position based thus minimizing the dollar losses) we’ve have a terrific run.

The rest of 2013 has been just as good. Like I said, we’re up over 160%.

In fact, this newsletter has gathered so much momentum that we’re closing the door to new subscribers this Friday at midnight. We simply cannot continue to produce these returns with a large client list.

So on Friday at midnight, we will no longer be accepting new orders for this newsletter.

So if you are interested in joining this newsletter you have until Friday at midnight.

After that the doors are closed and we will not be accepting any future subscriptions

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