More QE Will Not Save the Markets This Time

The markets are surging this morning based on hype and hope of more QE from Central Banks. Across the board the markets have taken out critical support in the last month, erasing ALL of their post-QE 3 gains.

G-9-30-15Abroad, the damage has been even worse with China, Brazil, and the Emerging Market complex as a whole imploding.

China’s stock bubble has burst.

G-9-30-15-2Brazil has taken out its bull market trendline.

G-9-30-15-3As have the Emerging Markets as a whole.

G-9-30-15-4The hype and hope of more QE misses the point…

The bull market of the last six years is over.

Already investors have begun to realize that Central Banks have lost control of the markets. This is why they erased months worth of gains in four days’ time.

Smart investors are preparing now, BEFORE it hits.

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