We keep pounding the table that inflation is coming… but STILL few are paying attention.

Last week we had now one but TWO major warnings.

The first was the fact that prices paid in the latest ISM report jumped to their highest levels since 2011. By way of review, 2011 was the last major inflationary spike in the US.

Then, the latest jobs report revealed this little tidbit:

U.S. government debt yields jumped Friday after metrics in the latest Labor Department jobs report showed budding signs of inflation.

The closely watched average hourly wages figure rose by an annualized 2.9 percent, a faster pace than the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent target for inflation.


Indeed, the smartest, most liquid market in the world (the currency market) is already taking note of this. The $USD has broken down in a big way with a false breakout of a massive falling wedge pattern. The downside target for this move is the low 80s.


This is THE BIG MONEY trend today. And smart investors will use it to generate literal fortunes.

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