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I am beyond thrilled to announce that my book The Everything Bubble is now available to purchase at Amazon. You can purchase it by CLICKING HERE.

This book is a distillation of over a decade of work. It is divided into two sections (How We Got Here and What’s to Come).

How We Got Here outlines everything you need to know about how the US financial system was created, developed, and currently operates “behind the scenes.” Anyone who reads it will have a better understanding of these issues than 99% of the public.

What’s to Come outlines what the next round of Federal Reserve policy will look like when The Everything Bubble (the bubble in sovereign bonds) bursts. It presents a road map for how the next crisis will play out as well as how the Fed will react to what’s coming.

Again, you can purchase the book by CLICKING HERE.


Thank you for your business. I hope you enjoy reading this book. I simply couldn’t be prouder of it.

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Graham Summers

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