Bulls Better Pray That Red Line Holds

The next crisis is here.

And yes, it is a crisis. Ignore anything the media says about this, we are seeing selling that is on par if not worse than the 2008 collapse.

And it’s not over by a long stretch.

Most traders remain in complete denial about what is happening. They think this is some kind of garden-variety correction or that investors are overreacting to the Government shutdown.

It is neither. What is happening is the Everything Bubble has burst.

Starting in 2008, Central Banks created a bubble in sovereign bonds, the bedrock of the current financial system. These bonds represent the “risk free” rate of return, or the rate against which all risk assets including stocks are valued.

So if these bonds go into a bubble, EVERYTHING goes into a bubble.

Which is why, when Central Banks ended their massive QE programs, or worse still for the markets, started raising rates while also engaging in QT as the Fed is doing, the Everything Bubble burst.

Put simply, the financial system is now adjusting to economic realities, or where things should be price WITHOUT Central bank props in place.

At the very least, this is going to happen.

If that doesn’t hold, the picture gets MUCH worse.

The time to prepare is NOW before it happens.

On that note we just published a 21-page investment report titled Stock Market Crash Survival Guide.

In it, we outline precisely how the crash will unfold as well as which investments will perform best during a stock market crash.

Today is the last day this report will be available to the public. We extended the deadline based on yesterday’s sucker rally, but this it IT… no more extensions.

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