The Everything Bubble Has Burst, Now Come the Wealth Grabs

The Everything Bubble is bursting as I write this. If you’re looking for a complete meltdown overnight, that won’t happen: even the Tech Crash, which was both obvious and isolated to a single asset class took over two years to bottom.

Again, this process will take months to complete, but it is here; we are already seeing sharp collapses in asset prices and junior debt instruments.

Now comes the policy response from the elite… and top of the list are wealth grabs.

As I outline in my bestselling book The Everything Bubble: the Endgame For Central Bank Policy, the elites will do anything to avoid dealing with the structural issues of our current debt-based financial system.

Those structural problems are too much debt and too little capital.

No politician is going to sign off on reducing debt loads via defaults/ restructuring. To do so would mean political suicide, as it would erase a large chunk of wealth from the donor class: the people who put the politicians in power.

So that leaves raising capital. And the preferred method for this will be wealth taxes while braying on about inequality and things being “unfair.”

You’ve probably noticed that the media is already pushing socialism hard in this country. It is no coincidence that we are seeing socialists elevated to rock star status in the political media, while Hollywood celebrities are openly calling for socialism to be implemented.

All of this is designed at one thing: convincing the general population to sign off on wealth confiscation.

Already Oxfam is proposing a 1% tax wealth tax to solve the “crisis.”

If you think that’s bad, consider that the IMF has proposed a 10% wealth tax on total net worth.

This is just the beginning. We’ve uncovered a secret document outlining how the Fed plans to both seize and STEAL savings.

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