Is This the Big Picture For Stocks?

The Fed is sending out its shills this morning.

The markets were hoping for a rate cut or some kind of monetary easing from the Fed on Wednesday. The Fed didn’t deliver. And the markets are having a bit of a tantrum.

Oil, which lead to the upside on this rally, has broken its bull market trendline.


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Stocks are following suit, breaking a bearish rising wedge formation.

The Fed needs to get a lid on this as fast as possible. As I noted yesterday, stocks have rallied based on hope for economic growth and additional liquidity/ easing from the Fed.

Neither of those have shown up yet.

Few things are as dangerous as a stock market that rallied hard only to be disappointed… which is why the Fed is sending out multiple shills today to try to soothe stocks with verbal interventions.

They better work, because there is a massive airpocket below this rally if things don’t hold up.

The markets are in for a big surprise…

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