The market is telling us that the impeachment process will go nowhere.

Very early into his Presidency, Donald Trump branded the stock market’s returns as illustrating the success of his policies. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin even went so far as to state that the White House views the stock market as a “report card.”

This has proven correct. Throughout the Mueller investigation, whenever a story surfaced suggesting that President Trump was in trouble, the stock market would nose-dive at least for a day or two.

This trend continued during the initial phases of the Democrats’ impeachment process with stocks falling soon after the announcement of an impeachment investigation on 7/26/19 as well as the announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry on 9/24/19.


Note however, that with each sell-off, the market put in a higher low. Also note that since early October, the market has been going straight up almost straight up to new highs on a weekly basis.

Indeed, yesterday stocks hit a new all-time high on the very day the Democrats voted on impeachment!


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The market is discounting that the impeachment process will go nowhere. If anything, it’s guaranteeing that Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ nominee… which guarantees a landslide victory for President Trump in 2020.

Let me explain…

The impeachment process will now move to a Senate trial that will require all Senators to attend. This means both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will have to be in D.C. and not on the campaign trail.

That leaves Joe Biden as a front-runner for the Democrat nominee. And Mr. Biden’s odds of success are so low that even President Barack Obama, the man who chose Joe Biden as his Vice President and who worked with Mr. Biden for eight years, has failed to publicly endorse him.

So again, the market is telling us that this impeachment process poses no threat to President Trump. If anything, the market is now beginning to discount a second term for the Trump Presidency.

Those who seek profit from this, need to invest in the sectors that will most benefit from a second Trump term.

Indeed, we’ve discovered a unique play on stocks… a single investment… that has already returned 1,300%. And we believe it’s poised to more than TRIPLE in the next 24 months as President Trump secures a second term in a landslide win.

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Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research

Posted by Phoenix Capital Research