Forget everything the mainstream media and economists are telling you about a recession… the U.S. economy is ROARING.

To see this, however, you need to look outside the official data, which is so heavily gimmicked that it borders on fiction.

Instead, take a look at corporate sales.

While there are literally dozens of ways through which companies can boost their earnings, sales are all but impossible to fake. Either money came in the door or not. As such they’re a great read on the economy, particularly the power of the U.S. consumer which makes up 70% of GDP.

With that in mind, consider that the average Year over Year sales growth for a basket of economically sensitive companies shows growth is near 5%…not 2% or 3%… 5%.

Interestingly, the slowest was in Wal-Mart, while the highest sales growth was in consumer discretionary items like Amazon and Coke. Typically, we see sales growth rise dramatically at Wal-Mart when the economy slows as more and more consumers become price sensitive.


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With that in mind, the above table suggests, that despite all the negative claims by the media, the American consumer is going strong: he and she are shopping for higher priced, discretionary items.

Now take a look at this table comparing Quarter over Quarter sales growth for the last three quarters for those same companies.

Looking at this, it appears the U.S. economy did indeed slow in the first half of 2019 but is now rapidly rebounding. Quarter over Quarter we are seeing growth above 3%.

Who are you going to believe… an economist with a spreadsheet and a bunch of fake formulas… or real companies that generate real sales based on consumer buying things?

So once again, the Trump administration has succeeded in generating higher economic growth. And by the look of things with corporate sales today, we’re about to experience another economic boom, NOT a bust… which suggests President Trump winning a second term in a landslide.

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Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research

Posted by Phoenix Capital Research