Markets are a sea of red this morning.

I’d already warned Private Wealth Advisory subscribers that a pullback was about to hit. Whether this is due to coronavirus, or some other item, the market was broadcasting that a pullback was about to hit.

As I write this Monday pre-market, stocks are coming up on their first major support line.

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My view is that this week will present us with a major buying opportunity. The issue is timing it correctly.

On that note, today is the last day our Special Report The Last Bull Market will be available to the public.

In it we outline how the bull market will unfold… which investments will perform best… and a unique play on stocks… a single investment… that has already returned 1,300%. And we believe it’s poised to more than TRIPLE in the next 24 months as the stock market roars higher.

We extended our deadline for this report based on the market hitting new all time highs last week, but this is IT. No more extensions.

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Graham Summers

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