So, what was it… coronavirus or Bernie-virus? 

Most market analysts have blamed last week’s meltdown on fears of a coronavirus pandemic collapsing the global economy. For certain those fears had an impact on the markets… but so did the political ascent of Bernie Sanders, the socialist.

Put another way, just how much of the market sell-off was the market fearing the economic nightmare that would be a potential Bernie Sanders Presidency?

The market literally peaked the night of the Dem debate in Las Vegas after Sanders managed to do extremely well in both Iowa and New Hampshire. It then began to collapse, entering a total freefall when Sanders won Nevada. And the first real bounce didn’t hit until Joe Biden began to rebound, taking South Carolina.

And to top it off, the market is rallying MORE today after Joe Biden won super Tuesday, than it did after the Fed performed an emergency 0.5% rate cut.

Again, Bernie Sanders LOSING… did more for stocks than the Fed cutting rates by 0.5%.

So… was it Bernie-virus… the fear of a deranged socialist possibly winning the Presidency… that triggered the market meltdown? The correlation between the market sell-off and Sanders’ success as a candidate is beyond coincidence.

We will soon find out. But by the look of things, the Bernie-virus has been contained and there will soon be a cure. 

Which means… a MONSTER rally in stocks, with a V-shaped recovery bringing the markets to new all time highs.

Indeed, the long-term chart for the S&P 500 tells us 3,600 or higher is coming this year alone. 

My clients are already making a KILLING from the market rebound. And by the time stocks hit 3,600 we’ll have made absolute fortunes.

After all, what are the odds President Trump is going to let his beloved stock market go down the toilet during an election year… especially when he is going to win in a LANDSLIDE.

I DO NOT care about politics. You can hate President Trump or you can love him. That’s 100% up to you.

But the reality is that under the Trump administration the stock market is giving us a once in a lifetime opportunity to GET RICH from our investments.

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Graham Summers

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