The Propaganda Campaign For Wealth Taxes is Now Officially Underway in the US

Bring on the Wealth Tax!

The above sentence is actually the headline of a “letters to the editor” article The Washington Post published five days ago.

The article reads like a playbook for how the Elites in this country plans on implementing such a scheme… which is precisely what it is.

We are now deep into a propaganda campaign to convince the American public that it’s time for wealth taxes and cash grabs. In a nutshell, the argument is that the government is running a huge deficit. There is too much debt. So, the way to fix this is a wealth tax.

If you think this is not a coordinated propaganda campaign, consider that a mere month ago, the IMF published a paper stating that governments should consider increasing taxes on:

1)    Income

2)    Property

3)    Wealth

The IMF claims this should be seen as a “Solidarity Surcharge” a kind of of “we’re all in this together” campaign to help economies navigate the shutdown.

So, it’s not surprising that The Washington Post, which is the Elites’ preferred propaganda newspaper, is now running phony “letters to the editor” pushing for something similar.

As things move forward, we will be seeing more and more calls for wealth taxes from the mainstream media. The Washington PostThe Financial Times, Politico, The Guardian and others area already pushing this narrative. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing the talking heads pushing this on the news networks.

The way the Elites will sell this idea to the public is that it’s about making the super-rich “pay their fair share” or “helping out those less fortunate.” However, the reality is that the REAL plan the IMF is pushing involves a 10% wealth tax on NET WEALTH for everyone who has it.

Put another way, ANYONE who owns more assets than debt, should pay out 10% of that amount in wealth taxes.

This is just the latest round in a war the Elites began waging after the 2008 crisis. The goal is to find new sources of capital to plug the massive debt holes created by bailouts and other stimulus efforts.

Did you know that in 2011, the US passed legislation that would allow regulators to:

1)    Freeze bank accounts and use them to “bail-in” financial institutions/ banks.

2)    Close the “gates” on investment funds/ money market funds to stop you from getting your money out.

3)    Impose wealth taxes and seize unused assets.

If you think that’s bad, consider that the Fed plans to both seize and STEAL savings during the next crisis/ recession.

If you think this sounds like a “conspiracy theory” we’ve actually uncovered a secret document outlining exactly how the elites plan to do this. It was written by a man who has served as an advisor to THREE separate central banks.

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