How High Will Gold Go Before the Bull Market Ends?

Do you have exposure to gold?

The precious metal has broken to new all-time highs, rising above $2,000 for the first time in history. What’s truly striking however, is that even after such a massive move, gold’s correction was relatively shallow. Indeed, it looks increasingly as if it has put in a base and is ready for is next leg higher.

If history is any guide, we’re just getting started here.

During the last Gold bull market in the 1970s, Gold rose 585% during its first leg up from 1970 to 1975. It then corrected roughly 50% before beginning its next leg up. However, it was the SECOND move higher than was the BIG one= a 740% increase in value.

This time around, we’re following a similar pattern. Gold first rallied about 630% from 2003-2011. It then corrected about 43% before bottoming in 2015 at $1,060. If it follows a similar second leg up this time around, it’s going to ~$8,000 per ounce before it peaks.

Literal fortunes will be made by this bull market. And if you don’t have exposure to it, you need to start doing so. 

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