The Biggest Opportunity to Investors As the U.S. Decouples From China

Yesterday I outlined how President Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act of 1953 to designate the domestic production of rare earth elements as a matter of national security.

For those of us paying attention, this signaled the start to one of the greatest investment opportunities of all time. With this act, President Trump signaled that going forward the Trump administration will be expediting the domestic production of any resource deemed to be critical to the U.S.’s national security.

And why wouldn’t it? If the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed anything, it’s that the U.S. is entirely too beholden to China for countless goods and resources.

Consider the following… China currently produces for: 

1)    90% of all rare earth elements.

2)    80% of all U.S. antibiotics.

3)    78% of U.S. apple juice.

4)    97% of electric toasters.

5)    97% of thermoses.

6)    95% of baby carriages.

You get the general idea.

I believe that as President Trump secures his second term, he will begin aggressively pushing for the U.S. to begin domestic production of every natural resource you can imagine, particularly those of strategic import.

I’m talking about things like cobalt, rhodium, manganese, titanium and more.

Indeed, this process is already underway.

The Trump administration has begun fast-tracking the granting of permits to explore for what it calls “critical minerals” or minerals deemed vital to national security.

This comes on the heels of a report that the U.S. relies on China for 20 out of the 23 minerals on the list in 2017. The Trump administration has since expanded the list of critical minerals to 35, including uranium.

This is the single biggest development in the markets in decades. Entire industries that have been left for dead will begin to come back to life as TRILLIONS of dollars’ worth of capital begins to flow into these sectors.

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