Pop Quiz: What is the Top Performing Sector Right Now?

Pop quiz time… what is the single best investment opportunity on the planet right now?

Bitcoin? Penny stocks? Tech?

Try Energy.

The “left for dead” sector is absolutely on fire right now.

The top performing sector in the markets is Energy. Heck, it’s not even close! Energy stocks are up some 50%. The next best sector is Financials which are at 30%

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If you think that’s crazy, consider that oil prices are up an incredible 60% year to date (black line in the chart below). Not only is this FOUR TIMES the performance of the stock market (red line in the chart below)… but oil is only slightly behind BITCOIN, a crypto currency renowned for its insane price moves, by about 10%!!!

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And best of all… this massive bull market is only just beginning. Oil has only just broken out of a 12-year downtrend.

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With the right investments, we are talking about the opportunity to make literal fortunes from this massive secular shift.

We’ll be covering this incredible opportunity in the coming days and weeks… how best to profit from it, what are the unique plays that Wall Street has yet to find… and more.

You won’t want to miss this!

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