Ignore the Manipulations… Another Bloodbath is Coming

The stock market manipulations are getting even more desperate.

On Friday I noted that the only thing holding up the stock market was abject manipulation. As I noted then, financial institutions do NOT attempt to move markets. In fact, the traders charged with executing these institutions’ trades are graded based on their ability to buy and sell large chunks of stocks without moving the tape.

Which is why we knew that no real investor was responsible for the move that occurred Thursday morning. I’m talking about the move that pushed stocks up from 4,506 to 4,566 Thursday morning in the span of a few minutes on no news.

That was Thursday. But on Friday, the manipulation became even more extreme. This time around, the manipulators desperately forced stocks higher during the final 15 minutes of trading to end the week at a better level. You can see it here:


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No real investor waits until 3:45PM to suddenly panic buy stocks. This is egregious manipulation. And it shows us that the manipulators are becoming increasingly desperate.


Breadth, which leads the broader market, is telling us the S&P 500 should be down at 4,300 (stocks are at 4,500 right now). Also note that whereas stocks bounced nicely last week, breadth was already revisiting the lows.

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In simple terms, the signs are clear: another bloodbath is coming. The markets will soon be a sea of red again. And the losses will be staggering.

And it’s just the beginning. It’s quite possible the markets are entering a prolonged BEAR MARKET… a time in which stocks lose 50% or more over the course of months.

The coming bust is going to be life-changing for many people. Most will lose much if not everything. But a small number of investors will generate LITERAL FORTUNES.

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