Why Are the Manipulators So Desperate? These Charts Tell Us!

As I’ve been outlining over the last few days, “someone” is aggressively manipulating stocks higher.

Large financial institutions do NOT attempt to move markets. In fact, the traders charged with executing these institutions’ trades are graded based on their ability to buy and sell large chunks of stocks without moving the tape.

So, we can be certain that the “investor” who is doing this…

…isn’t a large financial institution looking to open a legitimate position. No, the kind of ramp in a matter of minutes on no news is the work of “someone” looking to manipulate the markets higher. 

Why are they doing this?

Because the market is forward-looking… and next year, the Fed will be ending its $120 billion QE program, and the U.S. government will be ending its stimulus programs.

This means a total of $4-$5 TRILLION in free money/ liquidity will no longer be funneled into the financial system.

Why do you think copper, the commodity with so many industrial uses, it’s called “Dr. Copper, the commodity with a PhD in economics,” has broken down?

Or how about stocks that are closely tied to the REAL ECONOMY like 3M?

Or how about FedEx (FDX), which is even MORE sensitive to economic developments?

In simple terms, the signs are clear: the economy will be collapsing in 2022. And a bloodbath is coming to the markets. 

The losses will be staggering.

And it’s just the beginning. It’s quite possible the markets are entering a prolonged BEAR MARKET… a time in which stocks lose 50% or more over the course of months.

The coming bust is going to be life-changing for many people. Most will lose much if not everything. But a small number of investors will generate LITERAL FORTUNES.

Let me be blunt here, if you’re not taking steps to prepare for what’s coming, NOW is the time to do so.

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