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You’ve got to hand it to the manipulators, they managed to get stocks almost to their former highs in a matter of days.

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However, underneath the surface, internals are calling, “BS.”

High yield credit, which bottomed first and lead stocks higher has actually peaked and begun rolling over two days ago.


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Breadth is also no supporting this move at all. If we were going by that metric, stocks would be still be down near the 4,400 on the S&P 500.

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So, what happened here?

What happened is “someone” manipulated the markets higher, and this forced hedge funds to panic and cover their shorts. When you short a stock, you must buy it back at some point. And hedge funds have been doing this by the truck load over the last 48 hours

Did it work?

The markets are red again this morning. This is always the problem with manipulations… they only work for a time.

It is HIGHLY likely another bloodbath is coming to the markets.

The losses will be staggering.

And it’s just the beginning. It’s quite possible the markets are entering a prolonged BEAR MARKET… a time in which stocks lose 50% or more over the course of months.

The coming bust is going to be life-changing for many people. Most will lose much if not everything. But a small number of investors will generate LITERAL FORTUNES.

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