Warning: The Next Bloodbath is About to Begin

By Graham Summers, MBA

The stock market is setting up for another puke.

High yield credit typically leads the stock market. During the 2020 crash triggered by the economic shutdowns, high yield credit was already flashing major warning signals as early as January, while stocks continued to rally into late February. By the time stocks figured “it out” it was an absolute bloodbath. 

Now, take a look at what high yield credit is doing today.

In simple terms, the signs are clear: another bloodbath is coming. The markets will soon be a sea of red again. And the losses will be massive.

And it’s just the beginning. It’s quite possible the markets are entering a prolonged BEAR MARKET… a time in which stocks lose 50% or more over the course of months.

The coming bust is going to be life-changing for many people. Most will lose much if not everything. But a small number of investors will generate LITERAL FORTUNES.

Let me be blunt here, if you’re not taking steps to prepare for what’s coming, NOW is the time to do so.

For those looking to prepare and profit from this mess, our Stock Market Crash Survival Guidecan show you how.

Within its 21 pages we outline which investments will perform best during a market meltdown as well as how to take out “Crash insurance” on your portfolio (these instruments returned TRIPLE digit gains during 2008).

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