This Investment is CRUSHING Everything Including Bitcoin in 2022

By Graham Summers, MBA

Pop quiz… what is the single best performing stock market sector of 2022?

If you guessed tech or Bitcoin, you’re incorrect. It’s actually energy. And it’s not even close.

Energy stocks are destroying EVERYTHING, including cryptocurrencies. Forget bitcoin, have you thought about profiting from oil?

Even more incredible is the fact that this isn’t a NEW development: the energy sector was the top performing stock market sector of 2021 as well! So it’s crushing everything else for well over 15 months!

Despite this incredible performance, the energy sector remains one of the least popular areas of investment on the planet. It’s actually the cheapest sector in the S&P 500 on a Price to Earnings (P/E) basis. And it is also the smallest sector by weight in the entire market: a mere 2.3%.

So you’ve got an incredibly cheap sector that’s unloved by the institutional crowd and that is outperforming every other sector in the market.

Sounds like a recipe for life-changing wealth to me!

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Posted by Phoenix Capital Research