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Sometimes understanding how things work can be a bit lonely…especially when it comes to knowledge of our current financial system.

Trust me, I know… if you want to talk about “banks” or“the US Dollar” or “the Federal Reserve” to those around you, they typically look at you as though you’re talking about UFOs or some other crazy subject.

However, these issues affect all of us. 

There isn’t a person in the United States (or the world for that matter) who is not affected by the actions of the Central Bank one way or another. A horrible example of this is the inflation we are all experiencing: it is almost entirely the fault of the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, printing over $5 trillion in the span of 24 months.

And yet, how many know about this… or why how the Fed works… and why it does what it does?

This is a big reason why I chose to write my best-selling book The Everything Bubble: TheEndgame For Central Bank Policy: to explain how the financial system was set up and how it truly works…NOT in complicated terms, but in a language that ANYONE, even those with ZERO experience in finance, could understand.

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