If You Missed the First Round, You Won’t Want to Miss This One

By Graham Summers, MBA

The next round of the inflation trade has begun.

The first round focused on energy prices. Oil rose from $10 a barrel at the 2020 lows to $130 per barrel at the 2022 highs. You may find this hard to believe, but oil (black line) actually outperformed tech stocks by such a wide margin that the NASDAQ ‘s (blue line) performance looks pathetic in comparison!

During major bull markets in commodities, the sector that leads during the first leg up rarely leads during subsequent moves higher. Which is why this leg up for the inflation trade looks to be lead by precious metals.

As I write this, gold is closing in on its ALL TIME highs. Yes, ALL TIME highs. And practically no one has noticed or cares.

In the simplest of terms, we are getting multiple signals that the inflation trade is about to hit again. Smart investors are already taking steps to profit from it.

On that note, we published a Special Investment Report concerning FIVE secret investments you can use to make inflation pay you as it rips through the financial system in the months ahead.

The report is titled Survive the Inflationary Storm. And it explains in very simply terms how to make inflation PAY YOU.

We are making just 100 copies available to the public.

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