Did You Catch That Move Higher?

By Graham Summers, MBA

On Monday I told you that the S&P 500 was headed for 4,700. At that time, the market was hovering around 4,600. And given all the risks in the world (turmoil in the Middle East, slowing economic data in the U.S.), I’m sure many people thought I was bonkers to predict that stocks would continue higher.

Fast forward 48 hours and it looks as if the S&P 500 will hit my target before the week ends. As I write this, the S&P 500 futures are at 4,656.

The gains won’t stop there either. I believe the market will reach new all-time highs before February 1 2024. The former high was 4,818 set in October of 2022. I believe we’ll break that within six weeks’ time.

The long-term chart is clear… I’ll tell you what it portends tomorrow. But for now, here’s a hint.

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Posted by Phoenix Capital Research