We’re Now Back at November 2009 Levels… Are the Bulls Listening Now?

For months now I’ve been warning about the stock markets facing a devastating collapse. I cited mutual fund cash levels, systemic leverage, derivatives exposure, and on and on.

And yet, despite the clear data points and research I presented, I was told I was crazy. I even had readers from bearish websites write me to tell me that my “sky is falling” warnings were “crap.”

And then this happened (I’ve added the recent drop in overnight futures).

Stocks are now back to November 2009 levels. In plain terms, the last year and a half may as well have not happened. The second half of QE 1, QE lite, and QE 2… literally everything the Fed has done since the end of 2009 has been wasted money.

Yes, we will get a sharp short-covering at some point. But the damage is done. Even QE 3 won’t bring the market back. We’re going to new lows… as in sub-600 on the S&P 500. Many folks are going to lose everything.

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Roger D.

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