We’ve Seen How This Game Ends Before: In Misery

“The bottom is in! Stocks are in a new bull market. QE 3 is just seconds away!”

These are the taglines being tossed around by the mainstream financial media as stocks get rammed higher into month’s end. As usual these folks are both clueless and wrong.

We had the exact same move at the end of June when the market exploded over 8% due to end of the month (and quarter) performance gaming and start of the month/ quarter buying.

Here’s what followed:

So here we are again…  it’s the end of the month, volume is extremely light because of the upcoming weekend… and SURPRISE! Stocks are exploding higher again. In fact, we’re up 9%, quite similar to the 8% rally at the end of June.

Folks, this current move is just another trader game occurring on next to no volume. It will end precisely as the end of June rally did: in misery.

Indeed, the credit markets haven’t budged from being on DEFCON 1 throughout this rally. The European banking system continues to implode with Germany and France now being drawn into the mess. And the US economy is an absolute disaster no matter what the fudged data says.

QE 3 won’t solve this mess (assuming it even arrives). Neither will the European bailout fund. We’re already in the Second Round of the Great Crisis which will see the EU broken up, the US economy implode, and a market collapse that will make 2008 look like a joke.


Take a look at what happened in Greece earlier this year. That’s what’s coming to the US: market crashes, bank holidays, civil unrest, shortages, and more. Many people are going to see their portfolios get completely destroyed.

But you don’t have to be one of them.

Indeed, I can show you how to turn this period into a time of profits, NOT pain. To whit, my clients actually made money in 2008, having been warned a full three weeks in advance of the Crash to get out the market and go short.

I believe we could see another 2008 situation unfold in the near future, which is why I just unveiled six specific trades to subscribers… all of which will pay off HUGE returns as the current stock market collapse accelerates.

We’ve also taken steps to prepare ourselves sand our loved ones for what’s coming to the US economy (bank holidays, food shortages, stock Crashes, debt defaults, civil unrest and more) with my Protect Your Family, Protect Your Savings, and Protect Your Portfolio reports: 40+ pages of material devoted to showing individual investors how to prepare these areas of their lives in great detail.

So we’re ready for whatever may come. And the worse things get… the more profitable our strategy will be.

If you’ve yet to take these steps yourself, it’s not too late… in fact, you’ve still got time to get your financial “house” in order to not only survive what’s coming… but potentially even make serious money from it.

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Good Investing!

Graham Summers
Editor In Chief
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