How Often Do You See Comments Like This?

I want to share a few items with you.

Every newsletter writer on the planet has testimonials from clients about how much they’ve made following the editors’ ideas, how great editor is, etc.

I’ve got plenty of those emails too. My Private Wealth Advisory clients didn’t close a single losing trade in over a YEAR. During that time we locked in 73 winning trades creating a 34% return.

However, rather than sharing client testimonials, I want to show you something else: comments from some of the most esteemed financial thinkers in the world.

Graham Summers is one of the few independent thinkers in the strategy business who truly understands the issues the world is facing. He cannot be deemed an endless pessimist, but instead a deep thinker whose work has helped his clients, and others, uncover the complexities of the current financial system…

What I also admire is Graham´s dovetailing of technical analysis with fundamental analysis, which shows a profound understanding of how to best capture the potential profits whilst keeping risk at a manageable level.

Raoul Pal

Former Co-Manager of the GLG Global Macro Fund

for GLG Partners in London

Raoul Pal is one of the most revered global strategists in the world. He made so much money for his clients that he retired at the ripe age of 36.

Then there’s Jagadeesh Gohkale, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute:

I believe Graham Summers is among the most astute of today’s financial market observers.  His ability to synthesize diverse aspects of the market environment into a coherent picture for framing his strategy recommendations is unique and admirable.

Jagadeesh Gokhale

Senior Fellow

Cato Institute

Washington DC

Dr Gohkale one of the most admired economists on fiscal policy on the planet. He actually sits on the Social Security Board.

My point is this… these are not ordinary investors or no name analysts… these are some of THE TOP analysts/ strategists in the world. I’ve shared my thoughts from my Private Wealth Advisory newsletter with them and the above quotes are what they had to say about it.

Don’t you think it might be worth your while to see what exactly got this sort of praise? Maybe instead of focusing on guys who cherry pick emails from their clients, you might want to consider looking at the work of someone whose work has earned the respect of some of the best, most respected, analysts and strategists in the world?

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Graham Summers






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