The REAL Market Remains Below Its February Highs

For weeks I’ve been noting that stocks are being driven by a market rig. By way of review, that rig is as follows: 1)   Someone slams the VIX lower. 2)   This forces risk-parity funds to buy


Stocks Are Now At #2, Next Up #3 (the Big Breakdown)

The following is an excerpt from our paid weekly investment newsletter, Private Wealth Advisory. To take out a 98 cent trial for 30 days… CLICK HERE NOW. As I expected, the market is now


The Bulls Need to Ramp This Thing To New Highs on Heavy Volume or It’s GAME OVER

Stocks need to go parabolic today or it’s game over for the bulls. While CNBC and other media outlets continue to buy into the narrative that we’re in some kind of economic utopia, the reality is

Debt Bombstock collapse?

Subprime 2.0: Lending a $1 Trillion to People With No Proof of Job or Income

SubPrime 2.0 is proving far worse than even we suspected. If you’ve not been following this story, our view is that the auto-loan industry is Subprime 2.0: the riskiest, worst area in a massive


Some VERY Smart People Who Manage Billions Are Preparing For a BREXIT-Type Event

The “smart money” is flashing a signal that the US economy and ultimately the financial system, are in serious trouble. CNBC and other financial media outlets like to focus on stocks because they

CrisisDebt Bombstock collapse?

THREE Charts That Tell Us the Next Financial Crisis is Closer Than Most Think

The election night bull market trendline is about to break. The only reason stocks have held up is hype and hope for Trump’s economic agenda. With the entire MSM, establishment shills, and


Warning: the Rampers Just Gave Up the Market Rig

The $USD/Yen market prop is now actively being pulled. For two weeks straight “somebody” was pinning stocks by ramping the $USD/ Yen pair. You can see the tight correlation between the two in the


Buckle Up, They Just “Pulled the Pin” on the Market Rig

The market rig of the last two weeks has finally ended. The Russell 2000 has broken down. This index leads the S&P 500: note how the blue line soared before the black line followed suit back


The One Chart No Stock Bull Wants to See

If you are a stock bull, congratulations, you’ve unwittingly bought the market based on abject currency manipulation and nothing else. Stocks have been propped up via abject manipulation of the