The Fed is now expanding its balance sheet at a pace of $100 billion per month.

Yes, $100 billion, despite the fact its official QE program is only $60 billion.

On an annualized basis this means the Fed is now funneling over $1 trillion into the financial system every year.

And it’s igniting the last great bull market of our lifetimes.

The German DAX just hit a new 52-week high.

Ditto for the Nikkei:

In the US most major indexes have hit new all-time highs. Even the laggards are now playing catch up.


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The Russell 2000 just hit a new 52-week high in the US.

Look, there’s no reason to overthink this. Central Banks are panicked and have started the printing presses again.

And it’s going to lead to the last great bull market of our lifetimes. 

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